West Midland burglary figures underline the importance of home security systems

Recent figures for the numbers of burglaries taking place in the West Midlands have emphasises how important it is to have a good home security system in place to protect you.

Police are cracking down on burglars after it was found that there had been a huge increase in thefts from homes over the summer period. According to the CrimeMapper website, burglary was up by 40 per cent in the region over June, July and August year on year.

July was the worst month with 1,840 break-ins reported compared to just 1,224 in July the previous year. One of the most common forms of burglary was the theft of car keys; burglars breaking and entering solely to steal a vehicle parked outside.

A police spokesman said:

“There are seasonal rises in burglary. In the same period in 2009 we put in extensive control measures and operations to tackle that.”

Homeowners can take a number of measures themselves, including being extra vigilant when leaving doors and windows open on hot summer days and installing a home alarm, which is likely to deter many potential burglars.

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