Burglars ransack Yatton home taking cash and items of sentimental value

A couple from Yatton in Somerset say that they have been left with few family memories after burglars took a number of items of huge sentimental value.

The owner, Rachael Osborne, had popped out for an hour only to return to find thieves had ransacked her home in that short space of time. Among the items taken were her wedding ring, her grandfather’s war medals, her father’s police awards and £7,000, but she says it is the money that is the least of her worries.

“The burglars have taken every item close to our family, they have not left a stone unturned. Counting through the items gone I cannot believe how much they have taken and how little I have left.

“All I have is my mother’s wedding ring I wear round my neck and three rings on my fingers, that’s it. These items are so important to me, so, please, if anyone has them please bring them back.”

The thieves crowbarred open the back door of the terraced house to gain entry. It is almost impossible to fully secure a home so that it cannot be broken into. This is why it is vital to have an adequate home security system, including a burglar alarm as this offers greater defence and may in fact deter burglars from even trying to gain entry in the first place.

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