Some things you may want to know about burglar alarm installation

If you have decided to consider getting a burglar alarm installed by a reputable home security company in the near future, then there may be a number of questions that you wish to ask about first. Here are a few of the things that property owners would like to know before they have a new alarm fitted in their homes.

Firstly, those with no prior knowledge about home security usually wish to find out how long the installation process will actually take so they can plan around it. For an engineer to fit a wired alarm it is best to allow for a full day’s work, while the wireless alarm is about half this time.

When fitting the alarm system it can also depend on the size of the property and where it is to be located. A second day is often required with larger alarm installations.

Some people often enquire as to how long these alarms are guaranteed for. If you purchase the alarm and have it put in place by the security specialists you will find that 12 months for a product warranty is standard.

Pet owners like to know if their cat or dog will affect how the sensors work and if they will set them off by accident. If you do own a small pet then you will be pleased to know that there are systems available with sensors that can distinguish them from humans, so it is best to speak with the company to ensure you get the right alarm for your home.

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