Be alert to threat of burglary during Royal Wedding street parties

Next Friday nearly the whole country will be coming to a standstill as businesses let their workers take a public holiday to celebrate the Royal Wedding. As William and Kate tie the knot at Westminster Abbey in London, many people will be enjoying street parties where they live to commemorate the occasion.

However, the authorities and insurers have both been quick to warn those who have been granted permits to hold a street party, that this is a prime opportunity for criminals to take advantage of people’s good will.

As there will be plenty of people in fancy dress wear, coming and going to join in with the fun, access to homes may be more relaxed than usual. This means that burglars may be on the prowl for unlocked properties, so they can exploit the situation while everyone is distracted by the festivities.

This is why it is important to lock all your doors and windows when out during the public holiday and if the party happens to be within your own house, then only admit residents you know or who can be vouched for by other neighbours.

Home security is something which needs to be taken seriously while these informal gatherings are taking place, so be sure to remain alert at all times to protect your property.

A spokeswoman for insurer esure, Asia Yasir, backed this up when she said:

“Everyone is wrapped up in Royal Wedding fever and many are looking for ways to celebrate the public holiday,’ says Yasir. ‘But people need to make sure their street party doesn’t end in disaster due to a burglary.

“Opportunistic thieves could take advantage if they know lots of people are out of their properties with doors open or off the latch. A burglary could happen even if you are only a stone’s throw away or in a neighbour’s garden.”

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