Home security advice offered by Kent Police (Part 2)

We will now look at a few more suggestions from Kent Police’s Stay Safe this spring campaign. These will hopefully assist you as you consider your home security in the lead up to the summer months which is usually the most prolific time for opportunist burglars.

The following advice is certainly welcome at this time of year when the evenings are a lot lighter and people go away on holiday, leaving their homes unattended.

It is always wide to remember to close any side gates you have and restrict access to the rear of your property and the back garden. Another important point to make is that any garden equipment and ladders left there that could be used by a burglar to break-in to your home should be securely locked away when not in use.

As well as storing away those items which could be used by a criminal as a climbing aid, you also need to keep sheds and garages locked. If you have any expensive equipment kept in there then it is preferable to have an alarm fitted. Be sure to store recycling bins away from your property so they cannot be used either to gain access into your home.

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