Second burglary warning issued by Norfolk police

Following a rise in distraction burglaries across the county of Norfolk, police have decided to warn the public again about the threats posed by criminals impersonating officials in a bid to gain access to properties.

It has been reported that in the most recent incidents, burglars disguised as university researchers and water board officials have attempted to enter the homes of people in the area.

This is the second warning to come from the police within the past few weeks as residencies in Walton Highway, West Lynn and Dereham have been targeted by intruders.

Detective Superintendent Nick Dean revealed that these incidents had occurred either in the daytime or later in the evening.

He said:

“These offences are committed by people who have no regard for vulnerable people.

“They have no conscience about the impact this type of crime has on the victim, often lasting many years.

“Although these offences are rare we have never the less been very successful in prosecuting individuals who commit this type of crime – but we need the public to be alert and report anything suspicious to us immediately.’’

Residents have been advised by police not to allow people into their homes unless they have ensured that the caller’s identity has been checked first.

Home security is another safeguard that should be considered in order to protect the home, especially when leaving a property unattended for any length of time.

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