Police warn West Sussex residents over distraction burglary

Sussex Police have offered crime prevention advice to those living in an area recently targeted by bogus callers.

At the weekend burglars took money from two properties, both owned by elderly women, by using distraction techniques to gain access to the homes of the victims.

Operation Inroad is now underway by police to track down those responsible for these crimes.

A spokeswoman for Sussex Police said:

“Distraction burglary is a hideous crime that causes great distress to the most vulnerable members of our community. We take it extremely seriously and are doing all we can to tackle it.

“Residents are reminded to be on their guard at all times when approached by strangers at their homes. Keep your doors locked, even though it may be tempting to keep them open in this warm weather.

“When answering your door keep the door chain on and ask to see ID. If you are unsure about who the callers are then refuse them entry and call police if you think they are suspicious.”

With distraction burglary, the criminal is looking for ways to enter a home and so it is always important to heed the advice of police and always ask to see some form of identification. You should also ensure your property is fitted with a suitable burglar alarm too.

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