Hull burglar caught in the act

It has been reported this week that a homeowner returned to his property only to find that a burglary was still in progress.

The victim, Jonathan Marwood, of Melborne in the East Riding of Yorkshire, was confronted by a man who had an axe in his hands.

As soon as Mr Marwood noticed that the home had been trashed then he commented to his wife that they had been burgled. However, the thief was still present at the time and responded to the homeowner’s claims.

Philip McNamara, 30, who has since been convicted of burglary at Hull Crown Court, then fled from the scene, with the owner in swift pursuit.

Mr Marwood phoned the police and identified the criminal, leading to the subsequent arrest just a week after the crime had been committed. The burglar had taken thousands of pounds worth of jewellery from the home in the raid.

McNamara was sentenced to four years in prison by Judge Jeremy Baker QC, but was acquitted of aggrevated burglary.

Prosecutor Nick Adlington explained in court:

“Mr Marwood had entered his kitchen through the open rear door and walked into the hallway, saying to himself out loud ‘we’ve been burgled’. A voice behind him replied ‘you are being burgled’.”

Home security is such a key issue nowadays, so it is important not to leave doors open when you are outside, making sure to lock them behind you.

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