Stay Safe this spring campaign launched by Kent Police

A force-wide appeal has been set in motion by Kent Police which aims to target burglary in the county and inform people about keeping their properties safe in the lead up to summer.

The campaign has been set up to tackle crime over the coming months, as the weather starts to get warmer and the evenings remain lighter for longer.

As part of the initiative, west Kent detectives have circulated images of jewellery recovered from a break-in at a Snodland address, as they look to track down the owners of the stolen necklaces and broaches.

Police officers have targeted those they suspect of carrying out burglaries and theft in the county and hope to reduce the crime statistics.

At a crime reduction event which was held in Wrotham and Borough Green recently, police urged the public to mark their property with security pens so it can be traced back to them if it was stolen. This includes items like mobile phones, mobility scooters and bicycles.

The coordinator of the campaign, Chief Inspector Lee Russell, said:

“Burglary has fallen significantly in recent years, however, opportunist thieves at this time of year will look for homes where occupants have gone out and left their windows open.

“Our message is: Don’t wait until it’s too late – take some simple steps now so you and your property stay safe this spring.”

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