How CCTV Security Cameras Saved My Family

I am really glad that I got security camera systems from SecurityCAM! They helped me avert a major incident from taking place. I still shudder to think what would have happened if I had not been able to monitor all the areas near our house through these CCTV security cameras.

I had bought security camera systems because I was concerned about the safety of my home, especially given the fact that I am a single father of a little girl. I did have a babysitter with her every weeknight, but most babysitters are in their teens themselves, and I naturally wanted to get better measures.

At first, for some months, it appeared that my fears had been unfounded. But one day, while going through the footage recorded from one of the security cameras outside the home, I saw a suspicious looking person lurking around. He went away after a while, but I was worried. I took the day off the next day, and drove my girl to my mom’s. I then returned home and waited, and sure enough, he came back again, only to leave after a while. This time he came close enough for the high resolution cameras to capture his face.

I called the police and showed them the footage, and I got to know that the guy was a mentally disturbed individual who had seriously assaulted other people earlier. The police laid a trap for him, and when he finally tried to break into my home the next day, they caught him.

Now you know why I recommend security camera systems from SecurityCAM to everyone!

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