How Commercial CCTV Cameras from SecurityCAM helped Me

I am the manager of a large apparel store. I am really glad that I decided to get Commercial CCTV Systems installed on the premises. These have really helped me streamline the working process in the store and they also allow me to keep an eye on all parts of the store. But I actually got the Commercial CCTV Cameras as a last resort, and not because I knew about all the advantages it would provide in terms of business operations.

Our store was losing quite a few pieces of apparel every month. As a store manager with many years of experience, I know that you can’t completely eliminate theft, either by employees or customers. But the number of items we were losing was way above average; something had to be done, and soon. I had tried personally supervising store inventory, and had even started taking frequent rounds of the store. But none of these worked; that’s when I decided to get Commercial CCTV Systems.

They were quite affordable and easy to install, much to my surprise. The SecurityCAM team even carried out a free site survey beforehand, to suggest places where the Commercial CCTV Cameras would be most effective. And just a couple of days after installation, I caught the four employees who were responsible for the disappearing products. They were working together and covering up for each other; that’s why I never caught them. But thanks to SecurityCAM’s Commercial CCTV Systems, I was finally able to stop them. Thanks a lot, SecurityCAM!

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