CCTV Camera Systems from SecurityCAM Saved the Day for Me

I recently had a very narrow escape, thanks to the CCTV camera system I got from SecurityCAM. I am the proprietor of a small but exclusive jewellery store in a fairly posh area. I used to think that i didn’t need any fancy burglar alarm to take care of the security needs of my store, as it was located in what I thought would be a relatively crime free area. But ‘relative’ is the key word here.

A shop that sold antiques just a few hundred metres away from my shop, was burgled during the night. I was very anxious about the lack of security of my own store, as you can imagine, particularly so, as a long time customer had recently given some very valuable heirloom pieces to me for cleaning and restoration. My business would have been totally ruined, if they had been lost due to my negligence. That’s why I decided to get SecurityCAM’s CCTV camera systems.

Their website offered a lot of information on CCTV camera systems; I asked them for a free site survey and ordered a suitable CCTV camera system according to their recommendations. And I got it just in time; a couple of days later, while I was remote monitoring my store’s cameras from home, I saw someone trying to break in. I immediately dialled the police and they were able to reach the store before the burglar could force the lock. That was really close. But thanks to SecurityCAM’s CCTV camera system, I am still in business.

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