Home security advice offered by Kent Police (Part 1)

In the last article we looked at the Stay Safe this spring campaign which has been rolled out across the county by Kent Police. In addition to targeting suspected burglars in the area to recover stolen property, the force also gave some helpful advice, which is not just beneficial to residents in southeast England, but for people throughout the country.

The campaign, which was coordinated by Chief Inspector Lee Russell, of the Partnership and Crime Reduction department, offered a number of useful home security tips which should be heeded this spring.

Among the seasonal recommendations was to make sure that when you go out, always close the windows and lock the doors of your home. Even if you are in, but enjoying time in the back or front garden, you should still bear this in mind. It is also important to double lock any UPVC doors you have.

The visibility of items in your home can make the difference between an attempted break-in to your property or it being left alone. Therefore, do not leave valuables, handbags or keys on show through your windows. You may also wish to fit additional security measures too, such as door locks, intruder alarms, door chains and spy holes.

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