Cotgrave crime reduction scheme seeing positive results

It has been reported that a project set up to help provide activities for the young people in the town of Cotgrave in Nottinghamshire has started to reap dividends, contributing towards a drop in crime rates over the past year.

The scheme, known as the Positive Futures project, has been applauded by Rushcliffe Borough Council for giving youngsters the chance to get involved with health and sports programmes.

Cotgrave has experienced an 80 percent reduction in the burglary rate between 2009 and 2010 and the initiative is said to have had something to do with it.

The scheme’s co-ordinator Mark Clifford said:

“We’ve been massively influential, working with young people.

“The staff we’ve put in place can relate to young people.

“The activities and trips we’re putting on – workshops for anti-smoking, drinking, drug abuse, sexual awareness – are delivered by interesting people that they’re more likely to listen to.”

Mr Clifford also explained that the community is now working together to cut crime.

He said:

“One thing we have done is pull together everybody – all the professionals, like the community safety officer at Rushcliffe and the youth service.”

While this is good news for the town, it is still important for homeowners to remain vigilant when it comes to their property and ensure that they lock up properly when going out. Burglar alarms are another deterrent which can prevent criminals from attempting to break in to your home.

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