Police offer home security advice

Following a series of recent incidents throughout Somerset, police have encouraged homeowners to take the necessary security measures in protecting their properties from thieves.

Police in Somerset West have provided a list of simple crime prevention measures to reduce the risk of burglary to a home.

This advice was given in response to burglaries in the region which may have been carried out late in the evening by a team of criminals on the hunt for unoccupied residencies.

Tony Alderman of Taunton Police, who works in the Community Safety and Crime Reduction department, said:

“One-in-four home burglaries occur after the householder fails to secure their home. Follow these top tips to help reduce the risk to your home and property.”

The following were amongst the tips given by the police:

  • Install a burglar alarm on your property if it is possible.
  • PIR motion sensor outdoor lights positioned at the front and back of a home will alert you whenever a person is approaching the building.
  • When out of the house, timer settings on lights and other equipment are useful to give the appearance that somebody is in.
  • Finally, make sure that your windows and doors are always locked when you go out, as well as keeping your gates closed. Burglars generally look for properties where they can gain easy access.

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