These Classic Board Games Are Perfect for the Holidays

We rekindled our love for old school family board games at the start of the pandemic. And months later, we can thank The Queen’s Gambit for our newfound urge to play chess (which at this point also feels like a welcome reprieve from the 1,000-piece puzzles that may or may not be collecting dust under the couch). 

Whatever plot, strategy, or pace you fancy, there are so many reasons why adult board games are perfect for the holidays. But perhaps number one is that they remind us that continued social distancing doesn’t have to mean being antisocial at home. They also make for great last-minute gifts when you’re down to the wire and need to come through.

Either way, a nostalgic round of checkers or Catan is exactly the kind of distraction we need for a not-so-normal holiday season. Whether you’re playing with two or four people, below are 19 of the best family board games to have on deck. 

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