The Products That Won in 2020


Phone mentions increased 17% in the last eleven months compared to the same period in 2019, emphasizing how much consumers prioritized connection in 2020.

Meanwhile, conversation about TVs and games consoles increased 34% and 66% respectively, an indication of how vital entertainment has become this year while staying home. Games console interest was driven by lockdown hits like Animal Crossing, as well as next-gen console releases.

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Home comforts

With lockdowns and stay-home orders in place at various points around the world, people took to social media this year to discuss how they were making their home environments as functional and as pleasant as possible.

This has unexpectedly made house plants the unsung pick-me-up of 2020. House plant conversation has remained high throughout the pandemic. If you want to know which plant has been most popular, check out our research here.


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