Tough Times: Which Products and Trends Lost Out in 2020?


On that bombshell, we also found that while less people were leaving restaurant reviews, they were also more negative. This was caused by delivery mistakes. For many restaurants, it was their first time offering take-out services, and inevitably wrinkles needed to be ironed out.

Sharing is no longer caring

Since we’re on the topic of dining out and socializing, it’s worth mentioning the fall of a very important practice which affects countless products and sectors of business around the world — sharing.

We found that conversation about sharing food or drinks, and other items like toys, continued to decrease by an average of 12% per month across 2020.

It might be good news for share bag fans who now have a whole bag of treats for themselves, but it’s bad news for businesses who rely on social events and occasions to keep the bills paid.

It could be a while yet before we’re happily sitting around a table sharing a portion of cheesy nachos and dip. But there is hope on the horizon.

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