The Bachelorette’s Hometown Visits Will Look a Lot Different This Season


Trigger warning: The following contains language that may be triggering to people who’ve experienced suicidal thoughts or disordered eating.

Last week’s episode of The Bachelorette was a watershed moment for the franchise. Not to sound too much like Bennett, but all four signs of emotional intelligence were there. Conversations about disordered eating and addiction—two topics rarely discussed on the show, and never this openly—were met without judgment. It felt like everyone, finally, was here for the right reasons. 

This week, we open with Tayshia asking suspiciously, “What’s in the box????” as two grown men throw petty jabs at each other. Look, you take the highs and the lows.

Bennett thinks Noah isn’t ready for marriage; Noah thinks Bennett is condescending. They’re both right, but are so fucking annoying that it doesn’t matter. Tayshia pointedly tells them all the bickering is a turn-off, and they still keep making more muck than Hayley Fitzgerald in a courtroom

Ultimately, Tayshia sends Bennett home. “Is this really goodbye?” he asks, genuinely confused. “Holy cow.” It strikes me this might be the first real rejection the Harvard grad has ever experienced. 

Noah isn’t any better. When Tayshia returns, he’s smirking. “No, don’t be smiling,” she scolds. “That wasn’t a victory for you by any means.” He doesn’t get a rose, either, but he is allowed to stay. To this, Noah surmises that Bennett must have “gotten” to Tayshia, because that’s easier than considering his own behavior might be unappealing. 

And yet! Somehow, Tayshia gives him a rose at the ceremony just a few hours later. I see no lessons will be learned tonight. Also staying: Zac, Brendan, Ben, Riley, Blake, and Ivan. (Goodbye, Ed, Demar, and Spencer!) 


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