The Most Popular Target Beauty Products of 2020


There are a thousand reasons to love Target, but few top the list more than its beauty aisles. Filled with the best Target beauty products, the store now looks more like a Sephora than a drugstore since the beauty section got a makeover. While that’s great news for us, it’s become even harder to avoid picking up a new lipstick or face mask while just “popping in” to grab whatever you actually needed.

Not only that, Target seriously upped its beauty offerings in 2020. Its skin-care selection has been especially impressive with the addition of top K-beauty brands alongside Target exclusives like Kristin Ess hair care and classics like Neutrogena and Essie—and we’ve got the intel to prove it. To help inform what to throw in your cart the next time you’re on a Target run, check out what shoppers couldn’t get enough of this year. Scroll on for the best Target beauty products of 2020.

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