8 Non-Boring Games You Can Play on Zoom That’ll Get You Through the Holidays


Our gift to you this holiday season: a guide to the best games to play on Zoom.

After all, Zoom isn’t just for virtual office meetings anymore. The online chat service has kept us connected with friends and family members we’ve had to keep a safe distance from this year due to, well, you know. Unfortunately, the holiday season only makes things sting that much more as many of us are forced to forgo our travel plans and spend it without those closest to us. 

But we’re here to hopefully alleviate some of the stress by providing several games to play on Zoom with loved ones from the comforts of everyone’s own home. You can even have your eggnog in hand while you participate!

Check out the best games to play on Zoom, below.

Zoom Bingo

Have someone on the email chain send out Bingo cards that everyone can play with, either custom-made or using a site like myfreebingocards.com. Designate one person to be the caller and enjoy a fun night of high highs and low lows with a game that is equally thrilling and super stressful at the same time.

Heads Up! 

Everyone participating will need to download the app or have the physical card game at home (see below). You and everyone playing will take turns choosing from a variety of categories like romantic comedies and types of food. Then one of you holds the phone above your head while the others give clues until you guess the right answer.

Jackbox Games

Designed for a group in mind, Jackbox Games dives deep into the world of irreverent trivia that will test your brain in ways it more than likely hasn’t before. They have you covered in challenges from fill-in-the-blanks to creating fake words and definitions as well as battling aliens in a physics-based game that includes slingshots, power-ups, and more.

All Bad Cards

In All Bad Cards—which will feel very similar to Cards Against Humanity—each player receives 10 response cards with one prompt card and a card queen in each round. It’s up to each person to pick a response they think the card queen will find the funniest in order to win the round. Rinse and repeat until the person with the most wins scores the ultimate victory.


In this simple yet very loud game, two teams make top-10 lists for particular topics, e.g., “top 10 types of fruits.” The more answers you get correctly within that list, the more points your team receives. But you must think fast—and have someone play as an unbiased host in the middle. If someone in your party has the game at home, you can use their cards; if not, take turns coming up with categories. 

Go Fish

Loved chess as a kid? Can’t get enough of games like Go Fish and backgammon that will bring out some serious nostalgia vibes? Websites like playingcards.io allows you to enjoy these in a Zoom virtual setting where you can invite as many people as possible.


A classic dating back four decades, Pictionary is one of those games that work perfectly in the world we are in today. What’s even better is that Zoom has a whiteboard feature where you can use your mouse to draw similarly to how you would in a board game version. 


Kind of self-explanatory here, folks. Just make sure that you have good lighting so the people on your Zoom call aren’t confused over who or what you are trying to portray.


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