The Best Long-Distance Sex Toys to Have Fun From Afar

Sex toys can be used to spice up masturbation or to enhance partnered sex—or to turn masturbation into partnered sex. Thanks to ~technology~, the best long-distance sex toys now offers so many ways to connect with your partner sexually even when you’re in a long-distance relationship or one of you is traveling.

Most long-distance toys have vibrating functions can be controlled by an app via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, which you can use yourself or with partner control from a distance. This puts a twist on classic vibrators, suction toys, butt plugs, prostate massagers, and more, allowing you to lay back and let someone else do the work. Some people enjoy the element of surprise that this enables; others appreciate the feeling of closeness it can provide with long-distance partners. 

Some toys even respond to other toys, so that as your partner moves theirs in, out of, or around them across the world, your toy moves as well, creating a feeling of real-life sex. Others designed for LDRs have versatile features, like messaging and video chat on the corresponding apps or the ability to sync with music or audiobooks. But even if you’re keeping it simple by sexting or chatting on FaceTime or Skype, you’ll really never run out of things to try. 

Here are the best long-distance sex toys to check out if you’re looking to keep things hot, even when you and your partner(s) aren’t in the same location.

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