Nadiya Hussain, the World’s Nicest Baker, Is Full of Surprises


“This is for anyone who enjoys baking, anyone who wants to bake something that’s a little bit different,” she tells me of her latest venture. “In the last year and a half, two years, we’ve really embraced being in the kitchen as a natural part of our lives, so I’m really hopeful that people will find recipes in there that will become their favorites and recipes that they will use time and time again.”

Nadiya Hussain dishes on her favorite recipe from the book, her favorite cookware, and more in Glamour’s latest edition of How I Eat at Home

Glamour: Tell me about your favorite recipe from Nadiya Bakes. 

Nadiya Hussain: There’s a really good savory section in the book, because we can still bake in the oven and we can cook savory meals. One of my favorites is teriyaki-baked noodles, which lots of people are like, “You can’t bake noodles.” I can prove you wrong; you can bake them.

What are four staples that are always in your pantry?

I have to have onions because onions are like the holy grail of anything that you cook, whether it’s a curry, a stew, a risotto—whatever it might be, it always starts off with an onion. How can you have life without onion? So for me, it’s onions, eggs, and I would say garlic. I will put garlic in everything. 

I think the fourth ingredient would have to be vanilla. Everybody says that vanilla is plain, but vanilla isn’t plain. It’s probably one of the most recognized scents, whether it’s a candle or whether you’re cooking with it. I use vanilla when I’m cooking tarts, I use vanilla when I’m cooking cake. So again, versatile. 

Despite being unable to cook literally anything, I find your show extremely comforting. Do you have a comfort show?

This is really tragic, but I love watching things that are a little bit depressing because it makes me feel really good about my own life. Right now I’m watching This Is Us, and oh, my goodness. All the tears. Some days I just can’t do it, but usually it makes me feel good because they’re so unbelievably miserable on that show that it makes me feel really good about my own life.

What about a favorite podcast?

I’m quite nosy—I’m the person on the train that listens to people’s conversations. I think that’s why I really enjoy podcasts. At the moment I am listening to Tell Them I Am and Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place, which I really enjoy.


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