Lady Gaga’s Summer Style Has Been Gloriously Over-the-Top


For those of us who like to get dressed up, Lady Gaga has been providing major outfit inspo lately, basically turning the streets of New York City into her own personal runway. The fashion chameleon was perhaps inspired by her latest role in the buzzy Ridley Scott movie House of Gucci, because she’s been looking a little nineties, a little Italian, and a lot dramatic lately.

The singer is in New York to rehearse for an upcoming Radio City concert with Tony Bennett. And you don’t show up to an event like that in sweats, even just for practice!

Take, for instance, this bejeweled mini-dress with a stunning high white lace collar. (It’s from Andrew GN, if you’re in the market, and is black, the blue shade in the picture is from the camera flash.) There’s simply nothing casual about it. Everything in the ensemble is on point, from the diamond earrings, the matching  black heels with gems, to the expensive handbag and sharp sunglasses. Not a hair out of place in her slicked back ponytail.

Gotham, Getty Images

Another end of July lewk? This ribbed sweater dress that, frankly, doesn’t make any sense given the heat on the East coast right now. But since when does Gaga dress for sense? She added feathery wings to the piece, but we can’t help but stare at her heeled boots. They’re giving us major “Bad Romance”-era vibes, and honestly, it’s been a minute since that side of Lady Gaga came out to play. We’ve missed you!

Raymond Hall, Getty Images

Speaking of way too hot for the summer, she went full Little Edie recently, in a onesie, jacket as cape, plus a scarf that became a head wrap? Sometimes you’re actually not supposed to understand fashion, you’re just supposed to witness it.

James Devaney, Getty Images

Now, this is definitely something she stole from the House of Gucci set. Like, we would bet money on it. And let’s just assume she’s got masks in her purses?

Gotham, Getty Images

OKOKOK, we’re hanging up our crop tops and investing in something tailored!


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