Kim Kardashian Bleached Her Eyebrows to Go Full Platinum Blond


When Kim Kardashian goes blond, she doesn’t do it halfway.

On April 29, the reality star took to Instagram Stories to document her bleached brow transformation for a photo shoot. “Can you guess what the set vibes are today,” she asked in the first video with the bleach covering her dark fluffy brows. 

“So it’s really cute, guys,” she said of her bleached brows in the next slide. “I’m into it. Can’t wait to show you guys the full look.”


Of course, she didn’t stop there. The “set vibes” called for a fully blond Kim Kardashian. She’s no stranger to silver-blond locks, but this time she went with a more golden tone and matching brows.


Obviously, given the speed of the transformation as well as the next slide that promised she was “back to dark already,” this was a wig for a photo shoot, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a look.

As we head into warm summer months, many stars are taking their hair from brunette to blond for real. But to actually get there takes some time and patience. On April 23, Selena Gomez debuted her bright hair transformation on the Rare Beauty Instagram account. “New look. Need to pick new Rare Beauty lip and blush shades now 💓,” she wrote at the time. 

According to her stylists, Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri, the transformation took a hot minute. “The entire process took 200 foils, several bowls of bleach, and eight hours of hair magic,” they said in a statement. “This blond is unique to her as we had to make sure there was an equal balance of cool and warm for her skin tone. It’s an edgier look and perfect for summer.”

Frankly, even eight hours is a quick turnaround. For Billie Eilish, going from black and green hair to platinum blond was a six-week venture. Meanwhile, Lucy Hale gradually lightened her famously dark bob for months before her bleached, lemon-honey blond moment. 

But hey, if you don’t have the patience for all that, you can always try a wig!


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