30 Coffin Nail Designs to Try This Winter


Coffin winter nails are a seasonal twist to the oh-so-popular nail shape that has been gracing our feeds all year long. Instead of the Wildflower-inspired hearts and rainbow manis, these designs are all about giving off that cozy and comfy vibe—think warm neutrals and fresh takes on the classic French tip. 

While routine manis are a lifestyle we’re fully committed to, it’s worth noting that with winter comes the need for top-tier nail care, as this season tends to be the harshest on our hands. “The exposure to the elements not only dries out the nails but may cause them to flake,” says celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann. “Our nails naturally have a low oil and moisture content and therefore they can become dry and brittle.” So while you’re refreshing your manicure mood board, make sure you’re taking care of your nails underneath.

Below, we’ve rounded up the best coffin winter nails that’ll fit perfectly with your favorite thick knits. Whether you live by a weekly mani or prefer to treat yourself to one at the turn of each season, you’ll want to bookmark these designs ASAP. 

The Neutrals 

This chocolatey French mani is the stuff of hygge dreams. The contrast of matte and gloss adds the perfect amount of edge to the minimalist design.

Playing with texture is an easy way to refresh a neutral mani. The gradient French tips above take it to the next level with fuzzy decals in matching hues.

Spicy ombré nails just sounds delicious. If there were ever a mani that perfectly captures a warm latte on a brisk afternoon, it would be these right here. 

We’ll never get tired of gold foil. It really elevates a nail to look opulent instantly and is in style in every season. But gold in the winter just hits different.

If you never thought about a brown mani, here’s your chance to fully embrace it. The warm tones are inviting on their own; add a layer of glitter, and you’ll never want to take it off.

We love a classic French tip, but if you’re looking for a way to mix it up, try chocolate swirls. What can we say? Winter and chocolate are a match made in heaven for good reason.

Polka dots were super big this year, and it seemed like everyone was trying their hand at the dynamic design. A cute and easy way to transition this look to the winter is by trading in neon colors for a more neutral palette. 

Black + White

Who says black manis are just for Halloween? While you might be tempted to put away your darkest shades after the 31st, an inky new set actually makes for an incredibly chic look all year round.

Just like the chocolate mani, there’s something about that matte and gloss combo. It works every time. 

The black-and-white combo never fails to make an impression. Make them take a second look with mismatched flaming tips and gold piercings—it sounds so questionable yet looks so right.

Nail piercings may seem like a relatively new trend, but they’ve been on our radar for more than a decade. The upkeep is often the reason many decide to opt out. But if you’re looking for a way to add some bling in the nontraditional sense (think rhinestones and glitter), then piercings are your best bet.

A black French tip looks regal on its own—add gold and pearls, and it’s fully sublime.

No, this isn’t black-and-white—but the color combo here is just as classic. It’s the French ombré of our dreams.

It’s hard not to get starry-eyed while looking at this mani. The subtle glitter and painted sparkles give a romantic quality to the overall look, and the pop of pink to the black-and-white color scheme adds a little oomph.

Diagonal lines don’t get enough credit when it comes to nail art. A striking dark color lined with gold elongates the nails while making them stand out. 

A mismatched mani doesn’t have to be all neon daisies. For a toned-down version, keep the colors simple—like this beige and black set—and go to town on the designs.

Lots of Color 

It wouldn’t be a true winter roundup without a nod to one of the biggest holidays of the season. For many families, this Christmas will be the first time loved ones are able to safely get together in person in over a year. Needless to say, brace yourselves for plenty of holiday cheer, from ribbon laced nails to glitter French tips

Chrome hearts were having a big moment this summer. If you want to try out the trend but aren’t sure about a full chrome set just yet, decals are the way to go. And you can achieve this look in any color combo you like! 

If you’re not really into the warm neutrals and prefer a more colorful mani, this rainbow gradient is a great way to tone down bright colors. The tips still pop while the base helps to ground an otherwise intense color palette.  

Typically we see marble sets that fall into the neutrals category, but combining purple and yellow makes for a more magnetic approach while still feeling perfect for the winter.   

If the matte above isn’t your thing, adding some high-shine gloss to the purple swirl will draw out the curves and give your design more dimension. The result: an almost holographic effect. 

Reptile prints were also big this summer as people ventured outside again and embraced the beauty of their surrounding nature, and that trend will continue into winter. A nude base warms up this set.

If you’re looking to warm up this winter, neon flames layered on top of black French tips will have you covered.

These nails are pretty in pink and are perfect for a festive holiday gathering or snuggling on the couch at home while you admire your shiny new set.

A dreamy blue ombré nail for the wintry season that will be hard not to get lost in.

Go for gold—literally. For nails that read divine, regal, and outright legendary, don’t be afraid to layer on the metallic and gems.

These red and tortoise nails are not for the faint of heart, but they are for the person who wants to command the room. 

This supercute lilac set looks isn’t just adorable to look at; it’s also instantly soothing. 

Flames tend to feel edgy, but layering them on top a shimmery emerald makes the look more festive.

These nails are giving the chicest holiday you’ll ever have.


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