15 Button-Down Shirts to Master Effortless Dressing

Colorful, casual, and effortless—that’s what the best button-down shirts for women look like these days. It makes sense, given that most people are pretty much over hoodies and sweatpants, but still looking for relaxed takes on the items that used to make them feel put together. Cue the humble button-down, which despite its simplicity and timeless nature, feels remarkably fresh for now—and we couldn’t help but take note of all the ways celebs and cool girls are styling this wardrobe staple. 

Some are embracing oversized silhouettes as “blazers,” leaving them entirely unbuttoned to throw over slip dresses, bodysuits, and tank tops while temps are still balmy outside. Others are leaving the bottom half unbuttoned—or opting for cropped silhouettes to wear with everything from miniskirts to flowy trousers. 

The overall vibe of these button-down shirts is easygoing, and the outfit often made up of pieces you already own (or have seriously considered adding to cart). And the colors! They are bright, bold, and in your face—think of them as more versatile (and yes, subtle) interpretations of last year’s Zoom top that can be worn year-round without losing their novelty. From hot pinks to sweet lilacs and sunny oranges, shop 15 of the best button-down shirts for women below. 

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