16 Cheap and Easy Couples Costumes Practically Begging For a Party Invite


Spare yourself the agony of the DIY route when you and your partner are brainstorming your cheap and easy couples costumes this year—leave the Joann’s Fabric haul and hot-glue gun for another time—and simplify Halloween by buying ready-to-go outfits. (Hasn’t the past year required enough of us?)

Before you wave off an ~easy~ costume as boring and cookie-cutter, hear us out: We put together couple combos you might not have thought of. Think: Emmy award-winning Ted Lasso looks that involve wearing nothing more than a zip-up, iconic ‘80s heartthrobs with jackets so good you might wear them long after October, and even some wacky inflatable tube men. Some of these pairings won’t even come up when you go searching for cheap and easy couples costumes, because we assembled them ourselves. (We’re taking all the creative liberties we can.) 

Whether you’re stepping out with your best friend, significant other, or even a sibling, these 16 cheap and easy couples costumes are just waiting to get invited somewhere.

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