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Williams said: “I have never dared to think about this kind of thing. I know what kind of player I am, and I know that I can participate more or less participate in the game. But I can go to this position today & hellip; & hellip; great. If You know my past, I started from what level, then you will understand that this is significant. “

After four years of dolphins, Williams signed with the chief. At that time, he asked himself that he could only bother to kareem hunt. But in the middle of the season, Hunthen’s video exposure and a cut to the chief. Williams became the starting running guard, and his performance is very satisfied.

The 49th Super Bowl is set up in American history

This super bowl will inevitably leave a concentrated color of the ink, not only from its contest, and it is more related to its influence. According to NBC introduction, this super bowl sets a record record of American history. A total of 1.14 million viewers watched this game, more than 1,100 million 11.22 million viewers in Super Bowl of 48th.

Williams is the 2014 elected show, and won the ball over 200 yards in the four years of dolphins. Until Hunter was cut, Williams did not gain any opportunities. But he proved himself. In the game, Williams was 25 times in the game, and the 129 yards were promoted. He sold 50 times in the chief, advanced 256 yards, reached 4 times.

Steel people run Williams to receive surgery to lack 2 to 3 weeks

Pittsburgh Steadman Deanolo – Willialo Williams This week accepted knee surgery this week, it could make him absent from 2 to 3 weeks.

The bear will hire the front tiger attack coordinator Bill Reze

US Time Monday, according to NFL NetWork reporters report, the bear will hire Bill Lazor, the Bill Lazor, which will hire the Bill Lazor.

Relevant personnel disclosed that the peak value of viewing people appeared in the eastern time at 9:45 to 10:00, a total of 20.8 million viewers witnessed the new England patriotic reversed score in the case of falling after 10 points. 47.5% of the total number of households in the United States watched this game and founded a new high since 30 years. Boston is the highest-priced city in the United States, and Seattle is parallel.

In 1949, the Chicago bear struck Blanda, $ 600. At that time, he made him a four-guards and players, but occasionally let him appear in the defensive end. Four years later, he gradually emerged, and it would be a team of leaders, but the heavenly talented, and a wounded bun was born, and after the injury, he could only be played as a player.

During the midrange show, a total of 1.85 million, 48.2% of families appreciate the performance of Katy Perry, and these two numbers have also set records. In addition to television, broadcasting and networks also witnessed a classic moment of this super bowl. Before and after the last one of the Seattle Hawks, there were more than 390 related information per minute on the tweet. After the patriot won the championship, this figure also reached 380,000. During the midfield, this figure is 230,000.

Lei Ze was 47 years old. In 2019, he leisurely at home, he served as a volunteer consultant for Binzhou State University. In the 2017 season, Lei Zense took office, but the tiger was hit by multiple injuries in that year, the final result can only be considered.

In 1967, Blanda finally joined the raid. At this time, he was only as a player, with a ball skill. However, his talent in the kick is not a pass difference. With his excellent playing skills, the raid people have fallen into winning in many games. Finally, he retired by the first player of the league.

The bear team will still be centered on Michelle Trubisky, Lei Ze needs to be together with Matt Nagy, and the number of collars in the field score and propulsion code number are ranked third. Wind City offensive group. It is currently not determined whether the internal base will make the power of the tactics.

wholesale Nfl jerseys nearly 50 years of classic battles: the raid people have been brilliant

In the 1969 season, since the 10th season, since the establishment of the United States (AFL), four teams broke into the playoffs, respectively, Kansas chieftain, New York jet, Houston, and Auckland raid. Auckland raids and Houston Oil people met in the monsoon, they all wanted to enter the 4th Super Bowl.

In the third quarter, Lamonica continued to perform personal performances and twice. October, he completed a total of 6 passes. Of course, the perfect protection of the offensive front line and the defensive group continue to make the opponent’s mistake. In the last section, the two sides complete a running ball to reach, and the score was finalized at 56: 7. Since this season, Lamonica has been very aware, excellent feel, frequently playing the super long code pass, and is therefore known as “the Mad Bomber” & mdash; & mdash; crazy bombers.

The game itself is a situation, and the comprehensive outbreak of Lamonica makes the raid fans. The game Lamonica is only 17 times, 13 passes success, 1 copy, total number of code 276 yards, 6 times to reach. Player George Blanda also played a quarter-free, but only 5 passes 1, 33 yards, but the light kicks attached, and he also made him 8 points. And this substitute quadruple Blanda, which was the first quarter of the Houston Oilman three years ago. His story is more exciting than this game.Lions-11-r.williams-blue-jersey-0125