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The raid will stay in the Auckland to fight for the 2016 season

Auckland raids announced on Thursday that they have signed a year with the O. Co Arena, they will continue to stay in Auckland in the 2016 season. In addition, they also signed two annual option contracts to have the opportunity to continue in 2017 and 2018.

Before you cry for the overtime, I want to think about it: Trevor Siemian has proven to play with the strength of the playoffs. Several passives & mdash; & mdash; such as 64-yard profound connection Emmanuel Sanders and the rear-tone of the Bennie Flower completed, sprint Darlers & mdash; & mdash; it’s a picturesque. As for the decision of the 62-code shooting door. At the moment of the Brandon Mcmanus array, Gary Kubiak looks like a bamboo. Just as I spent 4,000 yuan in Taobao After killing Wang Feng concert tickets, he realized that he spent 4,000 yuan to buy Wang Feng concert tickets.

How old is you? Cowgirl refuses to come down from the throne! I heard a lot of people “poisonous milk” seaks more threatened than the cowboy. Hey, it is true that the second line of cowboy has a sign of collapse. They are still good when Morris Claiborne and Barry Church are healthy. Now, Church has returned, and Claiborne should also return in a few weeks. If you think the Hawie will be happy to face cowboy in the playoffs, maybe you should see the last Hawks to make the recording complement class. (We said that the team has a four-defense of a firepower, rather than last season Matt Cassel’s array of video links here.

Black Leopard and External Carrobe – Andon has been about two years

US Tuesday, according to ESPN reporters, the Black Leopard and External Contact Robby Anderson will last for about two years. The total amount of new contract has a total salary of $ 29.5 million, Wholesale jerseys including $ 2.5 million security.

“This makes us have the opportunity to build a permanent venue in Auckland,” said Mark Davis, Mark Davis. “This makes us determine the battle in Auckland next season, and at the same time can be flexible in two seasons.”

Jones is 28 years old. He achieved 17 killing last season, the best career is the best, and the first place. In addition, he caused the number of hugs (28 times) and quarter-shock impact (38) of the loss (38). This helps him in place for career bowls and all-pro lists.

[Event Review] Attack multi-point flowers, 49 people 31-3 RC Brown

The last game in the fifth week was carried out between Brown and 49 people. One side is the topic of the topic before the season, but now there is a strong potential team, and the other is not very moving in the quarter, but the national western strength of the defeated after the game. Today’s final deer should have a happiness.

Jones said: “When training, a young player said to me: & lsquo; you have a lot of murder, but people are not high for your cognition, no more discussion. & Rsquo; I replied: & lsquo; Which people’s attention? I don’t care about & rsquo; I just need to do my job, I can’t worry about others’ opinions, this will only hinder my development. “

Renewal former Anderson’s 2021 salary is $ 8 million, and now it will become $ 12.5 million. The salary of his two years was $ 13 million and $ 12 million, respectively. Before the black panther, Anderson fled the jet with a decision, and completed 302 battles in four years, pushed 4,155 yards, reached 23 times.

NFL regular season twelve strength list

Thanksgiving is the most important topic this week, this is a holiday than Christmas is close to the Chinese New Year. This is a festival for grateful people who are grateful to be grateful to be grateful. This week, Khalil Mack wants to be grateful to NEWTON, let him become “Wu Yi” once again completed the killing, copy, forcing the ball, pick up the ball and Dalun players; Tyreek Hill wants to thank yourself The opening of the way helped him became the union completion of the union of the union complex to the union, the second person of the ball reached, and the squad did.

Brown estimates have also anxiously counterattack, but the offensive group is a bit unfair, and the four-point Bakefield is aimed at Carravi’s vichawi-Sherman Co. SHERMAN. But 49 people have not converted this ball to score. After the ball returned to Brown, Mefield was taken by Kwon Alexander and Kowang – Williams (K & RSQUO; WAUN WILLIAMS), and the team has been used at this time. After 3 attack opportunities, I can only give it.

Even with the full-fire offensive group (the foreigners before the three extractions of Odell Beckham Jr., the two super bowls have Eli Manning and Victor Cruz combination, and it is already a rookie Sterling shepard, which is already the top of the league, and the giant can still be detonated. Alliance. Manning and his teammates have not scored 30 this season. In fact, in Sunday, the offensive group hugged the legacy of the defensive group with a large extent: Jason Pierre-Paul will rapid score of the rapid score in the second half. This is a player who is equipped with the dating with the ball, and the players who take the wind before the game. Steve spagnuolo’s defensive group has restricted each out of the poor 19.4.