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NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that Albert Breer reported that Pierll Paul returned to the team and accepts medical examination, the medical examination results show that his hand has no fracture. He is considered to be played with a gypsum.

The bear outside the bear, Major ribs were injured to the hospital

The Chicago Bear Team took over Brandon Marshall injured in the second quarter of the Dallas denim today. At the time, Marshal was attached to the back of the denim defensive player when they landed at a time. Subsequently Lying on the grass, the medical staff will take treatment, and Ma Shawa will go back to the farm in the help of the teammates for a few minutes.

Broncos make initial inquiries to Bradford Eagles unintentional transaction

Although Denver Broncos quarterback Sam for this week – to make a preliminary inquiry Bradford (Sam Bradford), Philadelphia Eagles no intention of trading who they think will serve as the starting quarterback.

After returning the dressing room, Ma Shapel was confirmed as the ribs damaged, and the ambulance to the hospital was taken after half. At this time, Marshal performance was excellent, and the ball was pushed into 61 yards, including a 42 yard single-handed ball.

No one can say that Hayon is a lazy person, he made his decision to return to his best at exercise. His American football career is not bad, and he completed 52 yards, 27 yards, and the bright performance of the preseason game without any experience.

But our running guard seems to be true, so someone came out to correct him, “The reason why Matthews was fined is because he caught his own crotch and the ball is after Lin Qida, so It is not that he is applauding Mr. Linqi. “

In patriots, Creborn will be in the hands of Tre Flowers, DTRICH WISE and Eric – Lee (Eric Lee) . The patriot has been looking for players who can impact opponents and Clebern fully complies with their requirements.

According to Latport report, in this case, the giant can get any contribution to Pierll Paul this season, it can be surprised. But according to informed people, he hopes to be prepared to return to the season in the early season.

Inserting their best passive balls into new defense should be a giant that does not need to worry. I hope that the giant can satisfy the state of Pierol and let him return to the lineup in the early 2015 season.

The giant’s inspection is very important for determining the next step in the next step. Pierre Paul signed a contract, he was in the contract period, can be placed in a non-rugby injury list and caused him to lose the salary in the first six weeks of the season, which is not to sign the privilege label contract and until One of the reasons why recently arrived with the team. Both sides may rebuild Pierve Paul’s contract. He has not yet signed a privileged label contract worth $ 14.8 million, and the giant has not withdraws the contract. For Pierll Paul, he doesn’t want to lose the competition for the winner, and for giants, they are not willing to pay all 14.8 million US dollars due to the injury in the abstore because Pierre Paul is overwhelming.

Matthew was punished because he made a movement of imitation when he came to reach the array of Archways. To know that Lin Qi was fined $ 11,000 as early as December. Since Thursday, Linqi sent a Textunction Alliance: “My teammates applauded me, but I was fined, I felt that this kind of organized work pressure is very large.”

He told Sydney Bao News reporter: “I just think that Kaili tactics is too time. I don’t have a university experience, but people around me can quickly understand these because they have experienced these, I have always lag behind them. I understand that time can make me a American football player I want to be, but now I will find it to Fiji. “

Hayen said that it is very meticulous to understand American football, including the learning of tactical this, this will spend a lot of time, when the team chooses a new head coach, he feels very hard to learn new tactics.

According to NFL media people, Linqi was punished by the alliance by $ 20,000, because after completing the 24-yard sports ball reachable, he adopted a celebration actions, but he seems to take a hand cheap jerseys From China the teammates Kareth Matsu. Chris Matthews is more disgusted.

Although you can rest assured that say that all the current NFL quarterback array of possible Thursday are likely to be traded, the fact that the draft might just allow us to see more clearly what a little bit of who really want. We know the Jets do want to at least pick a quarterback to and keno – Smith (Geno Smith) competition as the worst. We also know that the Broncos might be Mark – Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) had the same idea.

Linqi spit is not full of teammates being fined by the alliance

Everything seems to be MARSHAWN LYNCH, which seems to be not careful about it is impatient, but our running guards responded to the team of another fined person.