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Confused the crow, the first game did not show how much hidden dangers. Joe FLACCO, in the third quarter, there was a brave, 34 pass 25, passing 236 yards, got 3 pass to reach, helping the team to build 40 points early. Three outer joins, John Brown, Michael Crabtree and Willie Snead have harvested 1 time, three times a total of 10 times. The only thing in the United States in the United States is the only thing to run away from Alex Collins.

8 years agoWaset completed a total of 465 shots in his career to get 1816 yards 11 times, and the average was 3.9 yards per shock. In addition, he also completed 51 battles to get 344 yards 2 times. Wester made a good season in 2016, when he ranked first in the entire team’s 774 yard.

Brown is a defensive cut off from the Auben University. This year, the first round is selected. The remaining six lottery signs of the black panther also spent the defensive player. Since the Wholesale Nfl Jerseys draft, the first time I have a team all the draft sign to choose a defensive player.

Kubiak also said that Hillman is the best offensive player in the game last week to defeat Mingnesota Weijing. He not only performs excellent performance in the rush, but also completed the task well in passing the ball. . Last Zhou Hirman completed a 72-code shock of the ball, the wild horse took 144 yards from the ground, and they only completed the rush 171 yards in the first three weeks.

Another running guard C.j. Anderson’s performance is disappointing, although compared to Horthman, his body and technical features are more suitable for the inside rush, but the season still has a stunning performance last season.

Eagle and striker Brooks for 4 yearsUS Time Monday, Philadelphia Eagle officially announced that the Brandon Brooks will continue to remain for four years. According to NFL NetWork reporters, Brooks’ contract value can reach $ 56.2 million, including 30 million US dollars.

Brooks has excellent sports skills, excellent work concept, January’s congenital injury does not affect him to continue. According to the professional football focus website, Brooz’s scorpion cover score ranked first in the offensive front line, the pass cover score ranked third in the offensive front line, ranked first in the striker. He only allows the other party to apply four-point guard, and the ball hood efficiency is 99.4.

The Eagle’s offensive front line is not all troubles this season. Due to the injury, they temporarily use the new show Andre Dillard, Jason Peters, Aisac – Saimal Seumalo served as a left front. Brooks has been competing to complete the task in the right of the right … Jason Kelce and the right trunks Ren Johnson are also trustworthy.

Wild horses will balance the time of the two running guards During the last week, Denver Morn Horse runs the Ronnie Hillman to complete the new 103-yard floor of the team season. The head church Gary Kubiak said that it is considering that the two will send it first. According to NFL official website reporters, Kubik plans to balance the number of two running guards.

At the same time, West is not only the old man who is watching the Saint. The saints also invited Jamal Charles and Tim Hightower to participate in the trial. Among them, Charles has even passed the medical examination, but the two sides decided not to sign a contract is temporarily.

The crow offensive group has also given a rookie four-point gauntle to Lamar Jackson. In fact, Jackson participated in the attack before Fraco, once in Motion, handed the ball to the Run Collins, the latter was 16 yards to get the first attack. This also shows that the crow coaches do their idea to try to let Jackson’s abundance options. These novel tactical options may be used to use, but today’s victory is not bloody to the crow.

Signing West will immediately reinforce the lack of main Mark Indigram (Mark Ingram) in the first four games in the new season. Ingram was banned from four games due to violation of the stimulant regulations.

McDold said: “We don’t know if you have a specific level of injury, these things need to spend some time. When conditions allow, Norman will still participate in training and learn from the team. Now the most important, is Let him accept treatment as much as possible, the sooner return. “

Norman’s previous trend is 4 years, and the race is signed with Buffalo this year. This once selected the best lineup, it will originally compete with Levi Wallace to compete for the first corner of the second.

Bill replaced a rookie quarter Swan Swan Alang (Josh Allen), Allen Allen, Allen, but he played better in garbage time than Peterman. Today, Bill’s offensive front line is too bad, and I dragged Allen to a certain extent. We will wait and see how the Bill coach will make how to improve the offensive front line.

West will bring 5 years of NFL experience to Saints. He was selected by Cleveland Brown in 2014, in 2015 he was traded to Tennesi Toyan. Later, he joined the Baltimo Crow in the year and for the crow for 3 seasons.