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“Honestly, I think he didn’t get a lot of opportunities,” said Drew Brees, Drew Brees. “We used some long biological tactics. For example, in that game, we used the long pass to pass to him twice. Unfortunately, the opponent’s pass is very strict, not allowed to do this. “

He is absent from the injury in the first six games in the last season. He served as a line guard in the anti-pharmaceutical formation, and he went to 60 times to destroy the pass. Trell Edmunds and Shaun Davis served as the first security guard.

The first game, both sides quickly entered the game. The procons the first collapse leads with a near-distance free ball. However, Adrian Peterson immediately responded with a 9-yard running ball. A Carson Palmer, who once got the ball, was passed to John Brown, completed a wonderful 65-yard passed. At the end of the first quarter, the rickets were temporarily leading 10: 7.

This old will take the outside in the first two games to get 33 yards 1 time. In the game competition that was lost in Las Vegas raid, despite the extraction of Michael Thomas, Sanders was still only passed 3 times, and the ball was 18 yards. Given that Thomas still lack, Sanders’ data is obviously unable to satisfy.

The red scitch takes behind the Fitzgerald career to rise to history secondArizona Red Pantry outside the Larry Fitzgerald) completed the personal career 1326th in the game, so far exceeded Tony Gonzalez, became the second boller in history. Many players.

Tenguova suffered from the defending end A.j. A.j. Epenesa in the 35-0 rolling competition, and thus left early. Jacoby Brissett instead of the game after he played, a total of 169 yards, being copied once.

When Bonte was in the offset period, I used to be cut off by the steel man because he wants to serve as safety sanitary. The steel man signed Mark Barron as a starting line guard in the free player market, and he can also play Bente’s role last season.

The second quarter, the ramp offensive continuously, and the score is not expanded. Viking, although there is a turbine mistake, it will be equal to the score before the end of the half. At the end of the half, Viking is 10:10 rickets.

Fitzgerald is currently second only to Jerry Rice, and the latter career completed a total of 1549 battles. At the beginning of his career, Fitzgerald is second only to the second historic history of Leice (Lees: 22895 yards, Fitzgerad 16579 yards). In addition, Fitzgerad has completed at least once a 211 consecutive game, and after Lesse (274 games). Of course, Fitzgerald’s career has not ended.

In addition, it is expected to return to the team before the absence of the training and the game. Fuller signed with the dolphins in March this year, which was previously effective for Texas in five years.

In Thomas may continue to lack for a while, the saints need Sanders to fill his vacancy and become Bris’s reliable goals. However, this may take some time. He may be until the second half of the season can truly integrate into the team. But the problem is that the saints wait for a long time?

The team owners hoped to agree on this Sunday and finalize the contract. Because chiefs and Texas people will start physical training on Sunday. If the week cannot reach an agreement, NFL may notify each team, and the remote activity will continue to continue due to the training camp schedule.

Gilbert’s Nfl jerseys career is not going well. He was selected by St. Louis ram in 2014, followed by new England Patriots, Detroit Lion, Auckland Assistant and Carolina Black Leopard. At the black panther, he played once.

The fourth game, the red rhein started a close-time random door. The Viking people play into a 54-yard free kick, which will bite a bit. 5 minutes left in the game, Teddy Bridgewater passed a 7-yard Deta, the ball was Mike Wallace. Subsequently, the red rickets were killed in a 47-yard free kick in 1 minute 23 seconds left. However, this also left a sufficient time for Viking people to equalize the score. However, when the game was 5 seconds, Bridgewater was killed and dropped. The Red Pitch is therefore dangerous at home.

Last year, the steel man signed Bnet at a $ 3 year of 14.25 million US dollars. Before the addition of steel people, Bennet was 8 seasons for Green Bay packaging. In these 8 seasons, he started 102 games, got 717, 9 times to copy 44 times to destroy the ball 7.5 times.

If the player will not follow the alliance, the remote activities will continue On Tuesday, the NFL player’s registration date, but the current alliance and the player will still negotiate how to deal with the epidemic, and the season will be held. If both parties cannot agree on this Sunday, remote work may continue indefinitely.

The 36-year-old Fitzgerade completed this achievement in the early 16th season. At the career of Gonzalez, the first year of the selection entered the career football Hall in the first year of the selected qualification.

The third quarter of the competition, the prior to attacking the Viking people once again emerged. The red scitch took the plane to complete a 42 yard of the pass to the array. The ball is Michael Floyd. Before the end of this section, the rickets pushed into the 5 yards of the Viking people, but unfortunately, the 3 gear attacks before the end of this section could not be converted into a reach. The red rickets have entered the fourth quarter with a score of 17:10.