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The players have expressed their opinions, Tim Wright said: “We just came to the coupling to listen to the coach’s arrangement. The holiday is really good, especially this is a New Year, we can spend it in the room. “

The flash is lost to the superb bowl of championship in the semi-final last season. This summer has experienced a turbulent station. Now James is injured. This is not for the flashing team who wants to continue to hit the super bowl. Good news.

For university quarters for the university that tries to adapt to the Nfl Jerseys level competition, the accuracy is the most difficult to improve. Generally, this thing is, there is no. However, Jackson believes that it is not accurate, just need to improve, he also spends a lot of time in the lift season.

According to NFL store, Lynch’s jersey sales in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico first, in addition to this, his jersey or Alaska and Hawaii sales volume first, That is to say, Linchi’s jersey occupies the first place in the West Coast.

Another running guard Ben Tatt (Ben Tate) was joined for the team last week, and the game did not play. Through this week, the team’s adaptation system is adaptable. I believe that the Viking will make Tatti as a strong running guard of the three-speed or red area short code. After all, the black panther has been doing bad for strong running guards. .

Crow 4 points Wei Jackson strives to improve accuracyBeijing April 18th, the rookie season, the crow quarter gave the lam jackson to 170 times, but the completion rate was only 58.2%, and the Ranking League 31st.

As a rookie defensive player, he successfully selected a professional bowl this year and harvested 105 cuddles throughout the season (75 alone completed), 3 cases and 3.5 times of perfect data. According to the official data record of NFL, he is one of the only eight rookie safety sans in history to meet this data.

German-James, as one of the temporary star defensive players, will always have a wonderful performance, but unfortunately, this excellent safety war right has put on protecting boots, did not participate in the team Training on Friday.

Newton officially signed the patriot in 7.8, which is currently replacing Tom Brady’s first number one. His competitors include the 2019 four-wheeled Show Galret Steedham, old briant-Hoyer, and a Brawl, Brian LEWERKE.

Old will race the REX BURKHEAD, also expressed its appreciation to Newton: “He is a big piece of head, the physical style is very scary. He has always been an excellent player, very all, can pass the ball Ball. Over the years, it has been maintained at a high level of performance. “

Bellchik’s New Year Gift: Cancel the last trainingOriginal New Year’s new England patriots did not have a vacation, but Bill Belichick seems to feel that his team members are good, so he puts a fake day.

“His training is very hard, in my opinion, all of course all of our players are trying to work.” Belipch said, “especially quarter-saving, this position is very focused, and the ability to own Confident. They can provide information by calling tactics, leading adjustment, wireless communication, cover adjustment, etc.. All progress is very good. “

Ma Shaen – Lynch Sales Sales QuarterMarshawn Lynch returned to his hometown for the Auckland raid, which is not only beneficial to the racing’s courts, it seems that the sales volume of jerseys is also advantageous.

Joe Banyard is a player who has the greatest potential and most likely outbreak in these three people. His competition last week was efficient in a limited appearance time, 5 shocks won the 26 yards, another 3 times, catch the 19 yards. The team head coach Mike Zimmmer said: “He has the ability to take the number of codes and help the team constantly advance, I think he has the opportunity to ushered in the game.”

The biggest in this game, the biggest possibility is to adopt the “Run Committee”, let the three people go to the game, and of course, it is not excluded from one of the states of the state. The only thing that can be determined, the strong punch in front of the terminal should be left to the Assia Tower.

Wi-Beijing starts to run Wei Mijin Agriculture World Warlinals, who will be on top?The rookie run from Minnesota, Jeerick McKinnon, was marked by the team as “very might not play” by the back injury, and then confirmed this week to face the Corona Panther’s black panther. Unable to play.

McKinnon is the first running guard of Viking. He is absent after the team will let the team will be on top of the main position? Matt Asiata (Matt Asiata) is most likely to be the initiation, but he has not been played in the game last week, and the physical condition is worrying, and the Acy Tower is in the first half of the season because it is poor. It is only deprived of the main qualification, and it can only be played only on the strength of the frontier of the end.