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Brown is now playing the ball. Zane Gonzalez, on Sunday, two free kicks and two additional shooting gates, and is also covered in the unveiled ball in the unveiled battle of the steel man. This means that two games come up, Gonzalez is lost 11 points, and the team decided to find a next thing.

Although the trial is not limited to these two, according to reports, the front denim kicks the game – Beiler (Dan Bailey) is not in the list. Beiler refused Brown’s invitation, indicating that he was waiting for “suitable team.”

In the new east, TJ-McDonald and Baron’s location overlap, Baron said that he made a lifetime, and confident. Jeff Fisher said that he would not give Baurong to the Baurong, he said: “I don’t like to give birth to his position and responsibilities. Baron is a good player, we It takes a little time to observe him, then discuss what is the most suitable for him. “

Pirates will bombard the old man’s defensive strategy too conservativeMark Barron (Mark Barron) in the Tanpawan Pirates is poor this season, and the transaction of this week was sent to St. Louis ram. After the sliding team, Barron was bold, which expressed dissatisfaction with the defensive style of the Pirate Card Teagervie-Smith (Lovie Smith).

After being traded to the Chicago bears before the last season, Mike helped the bear defensive group to enter the entire assembly. In 14 games, he won 47 cuddles, the highest 12.5 killing, the team caused the number of damage to the number, 6 times forced the ball, twice to grab the ball and 1 copy and attack Reach. He was rated as the best defensive player in China and eventually entered the best lineup in September.

Of course, what do you want to know which team is “the United States team”? There is no doubt that Dallas’ cowboy is the most obvious choice. Cowbur’s fans are spread across the country, including Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkoshns, with national fans.

Baron said in an interview: “The defense of the pirate is too conservative, and Smith is to grab his cover 2 (Cover 2) system dead, I really don’t like this system, I am here. In the system, it must be repeated to be oppressed before, it is too conservative. “

“We started training during Monday,” Patriot coach Bill Bill Belichicks last week. “Most people will participate, but I know that there are two players who have contacted the players, but the rest period training has consistently. So there is nothing new.”

Bear player Carrier Mike hopes to become the best external guard in historyBeijing May 30th After four consecutive seasons, the best defensive player Khalil Mack has put the target in the history of the best pass on the history of the best passed the goal. .

And we have the biggest fans of the map for the biggest problem. They are far from the team? Such as California St. Benadino County (Cowboy), Kim Bor, Nebraska, Florida (Patriot) and North Carolina Washington County (Texas people) if we I think that fans are heavy.

Twitter data reveals US fans distributionSports fans on Twitter have recently made a fun map, and the map shows the fans of each Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China team. Twitter putting the fans in accordance with NFL32 teams, and small surprises on the map will make you very happy in the afternoon.

Breddy also does not participate in the training stage training, and he is currently going to Qatar to participate in business activities. Prior to Braddy has been in the rest of the break, but at least he will absent this year.

The proximal front of Gulong Koski will absent the training stage training According to informed people, like Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski will not participate in the New England Patriot Opening Phase Repends Duration Training during Monday. .