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Kirgor will join the dolphin offensive front line in the adjusted. This sharp line now also added 4 strikes of Josh Sitton in 4 times. Dolphins and Xionton signed for 2 years, with contract value of 18 million US dollars.

Sanu is in good time in the patriot, and the second game is completed 10 battles, advanced 81 yards, reaching it. But he sprained ankles when he was attacked by the next game, which affected him after the play.

Qianhai Eagle runs to Michael Week or welcome the first showChristine Michael left Seattle Hawks in the last month, Joined Dallas Cowpi, this week, the first time and the first-time attack combination. Scott Linehan said on Thursday in local time: “I think he can make the entire offensive group speed, and his current situation is very good.”

Considering that he only ranks fourth on the depth of the lineup, there is no prominent special group contribution, and he cut him out of space. In addition, patriots have locked Julian EDELMAN and N & RSQUO; Keal Harry, the ideal third person should be able to supplement their speed. Damiere Byrd was a track and field player, which is very suitable for this location.

Smith said: “We accept and understand all criticism. We have bad, criticism is inevitable.” The last week, the opponent of the crow will be Cleveland Brown, if you want to enter the playoffs, they need to win the victory, but also need to send I hope to lose the game in San Diego lightning.

The crow take over: our performance should be criticized Baltimore Crowd this week is bad, they have 13-25 in Houston Texas. External hand Steve Smith said in the interview after the game: “We were defeated, this is very bad. Things happen this, the problem appears on our offensive group. To win, you first need to score This time we didn’t win enough score. Unfortunately, I did not help the team to win. “

The Tiger Team in the 2015 season, opened 8 consecutive victories, but after 7 battles 4 defeated, it also folded the main quartz Wei Di – Dalton, the seemingday prospects were worried, but they scored the 4th, the union Less, it can be seen that this is a comprehensive team. With the Andru-Witworth, the front line of the offensive frontline is very strong, and the running guards have Jeremy-Hill and Giiovani-Bernard, wholesale nfl jerseys the two styles of the styles of running guards, the ball group except Green, This year’s near-end Thaler-Eiffel also played a new height of career. Defensive group, Gin-Atkins, Carlos-Dun Ru, Leiji-Nielson, etc. team, with the defensive success rate of the four red areas in the top five in the Alliance, plus healthy conditions, even if the road This season is difficult to return, and the defensive group still has enough hardness to deal with future triggers.

The main coach Jason Garrett also said: “He is very good, work is very serious. We all like his performance.” Current Cowbur’s running combination of Joseph-Randle (Joseph Randle) ), Darren McFadden and Lance Dunbar, which was a total of 245 yards, completed 4 times in the game last week. But it is worth mentioning that the entire second half team lost 4 yards in the ground attack.

Insatiscically, in the training, Michael combines its strength and speed, the team believes that he can provide more help for the team’s backfinder. This week, Michael is expected to usher in the first show of the cowboy.

Joe Flacco played the worst match this season. He has 50 times to complete the 21 times and won the 195 yard. Although it harvested 2 times, it was copied 3 times. The ground attack of the crow is also fully limited, and only 33 yards have been ran out in the game.

Lewis is still awkward in the early days, Tiger is still in a state of half-dead, until in the past five years, the outstanding rookie investigation mechanism is finally effective, Andy Dalton, AJ Green, etc. Future superstar, the team has 43 The player is from the outstanding draft, plus the boss, Mike Brown (Paul-Brown), completely trusting Lewis, letting Lewis, letting the Lewis exhibition, cultivate the heart of the heart, thus holding the entire team, now this Tiger, is a Jereeli Jin Ji with blood and meat.

Throughout the history of the tiger, the building is only in 48 years, only 13 seasons entered the playoffs, never got a super bowl, um, this seems to be a team that has no historical heritage. But if you want to ask who is the mountain’s nasal ancestors on the West Coast? Who is the first to proficient? The answer is unexpectedly tiger. The great Paul-Brown coach led the four or five decades to enter the league final for ten consecutive years, and took the championship seven times. After six years of retirement, Brown Master Cincinnati in Ohio, founded a tiger team and invented the “Ohio attack” & mdash; & mdash; West Coast offensive. After Sam-Wiqi Coach took over, he advocated the use of the unconstraints to let the “bomb” Esason became a generation of fast-transmit master, but they met Paul-Brown’s Attacular & Mdash. (& Mdash; Bill – Walsh and West Coast 49. It was then the dark period of ten years. Even if Dick-Leber, the defensive master could not save the tiger until they found Malvin – Lewis.