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[Event Briefing] Regular season 16th week: 3 sheets of the playoffs!The 16th week of the regular season ended, and the quota of the playoffs was set. The two places have not been determined, and only 6 seeds left in the country is still determined.

After Runson’s top, spend 13 sets of offensive completed, including 39 yards that were completed with Aisa-Ford (ISAIAH Ford), 14 yards of self-awaiting, final Patrick, Leld (Patrick Laird) is a full completening of 5 yards to the squid.

Hill last attended the football game was in 2018, at that time he was played for the new England patriotic. After a game, Hill was reimbursed by the knees. He has no ball in 2019, and the signing raid will be a great opportunity for his return to the alliance.

Dolphin is a few teams introducing Rosen will be one of the teams that are reasonable, they have not selected four-point guard in the first round, and the New York Giants and Washington red skin pick the four-point guard.

The ball has always been a question of Hill, he caress for four years, 9 times, one of which indirectly leads to the playoffs. The first two-wheeled show has not been playing more than 7 games since 2016.

Bryant is a History of Falcon House, 44 years old, signed a one-year contract with Atlanta before the beginning of the regular season. But he error occurred: Missing an additional shooting door in the game, leading to the team to defeat. Last week, he lost to the sea eagle, he also kicked any of the 50 yards of the ball.

Gronoski said: “We did tell him, I told him & mdash; & mdash; really a moment & mdash; & mdash; & lsquo; I think I have fight spirits to play & rsquo; I also said myself to him I am interested, but I didn’t give him too much pressure. I said, & lsquo; if there is a right opportunity & hellip; & hellip; I may go back with you. & Rsquo; “

Dolphins looks unstopt of the main four-point guard for future, in view of their reconstruction lineup, they can wait until 2020 to solve the four-defense position. But if the red scitch is asking for the prices, then the dolphins may change their ideas.

Blante’s 14th round of shooting was completed 9 times in the season, and 15 additional shooting doors were completed 14 times. In the more than 10 years of career in the Falcon, Bryant’s 296th eradications completed 259 times, and the success rate was 87.5%.

When I was interviewed on Wednesday, Gronoski said that two years ago in Tom Brady and the piracy, two people have trained together. Breddy did not reveal the next home, but Gronoski and he explored his own complex intention.

Fitz Patrick completed 8 yards of the line in Section 3 with Mark Walton. Before this, he was 30 yards completed with near-ended Nick – Nick O & Rsquo; Leary and Mike Gesicki. The 29-yard connection is also worth seeing.

According to many people familiarants, Rosen was disappointed with Murray to pick Murray. And he is not happy to his attitude towards him before the draft. Before the draft, he did not get the guarantee of its position, and did not see any signs of him will be replaced. According to observation, he no longer pays attention to the Instagram and Twitter account of the red row.

Braddy’s possible reaction is “happy out, power is full”. Geloski said: “It is very special with Tom. He is one of the great four-point guard in history. It can build a chemical reaction with him. Many great players may replace the team, but they are in the new East After a loss of chemical reactions. But every time we work together, we have previously doing it before. Whether it is a month or have not seen it, we can work as a tacit understanding like daily training. “

[Event Review] Rosen Season Front Sugretou, cheap jerseys Dolphin 22-7 Sheng America TigerBeijing August 23, Josh Rosen, in the third section, on the stage, directly guided a wave of 99 yards to advance and reached the array, the dolphins finally 22-7 defeated the American tiger, win the first The victory of the three-week season.

Rosen competes with Ryan Fitzpatrick, Dolphin (record 2-1) starts four-guard position, this passed the ball 7 times completed 5 times, advance 59 yards, reached once, and complete 4 times Ball, advance 23 yards.

According to informed people, dolphins and red scintles have been negotiating. In Rosen may be treated by the red rickets, the dolphins have been studied in Runson. Subsequently, there is a rumor that the person familiar with the dolphins have been close to the second round of the 48th selection right to change Rosen. At the same time, because dolphins believe that Rosen’s value is still not as good as the 48th selection, the two sides may also involve the interchange of low-time draft.