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With Bax Dale’s joining, lightning or will arrange the original right cut D. J. Futk (D. J. Fluker) moves to the sharp position. Last season, the offensive front line of lightning is bad in terms of opening, and the team hopes that the sign will change the whole strip. In the draft, lightning is taken down to the first round, and Melvin Gordon. To play all the strengths, the performance of the offensive front line is crucial.

Auckland raids were selected in the third round of Bax Dell in the 11th season of the 2011 season, and then he joined the ram. The 27-year-old right trick has experienced a free player after the struggle last season, because of the overestimation of its value in the market, until now I find new east.

According to reporter Field Yats (Field Yates) reported that the eagle has been restructured with the offensive cut Rannson, Teching a salary space of US $ 7.5 million. Now Johnson’s salary space is $ 4.98 million, he can also get a contract bonus of $ 41.92 million. Johnson is now $ 790,000 in 2018, but the total revenue is still $ 10.25 million, just different ways.

At present, 49 people do not have a good hand. In addition to the old Justine-Smith, Alton Smith and the young rookie alonch, the second half of the season, and the young rookie alonch. Ability is superior. Dukot’s joining will bring all the help from 49 people on the spot.

Front ram cuts Bax Dell to join lightningTuesday, Tuesday, San Diego lightning announced that the front St. Louis ram attack cut as a Joseph Barksdale, an agreement of a 1-year new Testament. According to reports, Bax Dale can get at least $ 350,000, and another $ 1 million in the contract is not activated.

Art ronney II wrote in the statement: “Unfortunately, Laine can’t contribute to our own power in the rest of this season. However, even in the field, Lien also Or one of our team leaders. We know that his optimism and spirit will help him continue to reply, and we will also motivate our team. “

Last season, Dukote was influenced by knee injury, absent all competitions. The 33-year-old Dukoti current is in good condition, and he will be a strong competitor of the next season’s “Year Best Reset Player” award. A week ago, the rickets announced that Trete, the latter quickly attracted the attention of multiple teams. In addition to 49 people, the red scitch also hopes to sign back this old will, but they are only willing to propose a contract for one year and the price is not more than 4 million contracts.

Pre-red scitch defensive cutoffs and 49 people signed 2 yearsDarnell Dockett has found a new east, and he will land 49 in San Francisco, San Francisco. According to reports, Dukote will sign up to 49 people for 2 years, the contract size will be $ 7.5 million, of which 4 million guarantees, 2 million guarantees the second year.

The most important thing is that the League top corner Wei Richard Sherman has a considerable part of the time to protect Baker Him, and Cheap nfl jerseys give a rare praise for the performance of the new show. Sherman said in an interview with the New York Giants’ official website: “Beckham is a famous player. Therefore, the giant team will rely on him to attack, and dare to adventure him to him in him. And he earlier in the game. The ball received is too beautiful. “

Dan Marino playing football in London with HarryUS Time This Sunday, Miami Dolphins will conduct a game with New York jet in London, England. Dolphin Hall of Fame, Dan Marino, was very popular at London.

Sea Eagle coach Pitt-Carlol also commented: “I think the front half of the game is very good, it is one of the key links of the giant team attack. I think he is very good on Sunday. It proves the value of his one-round show, he is really excellent. “

After the game, Beckham and Sherman also exchanged the jersey, and the professional bowl of Sherman also gave a new show, after the incident, Beckham came to: “He said that I said it is very good, let I will continue to work hard. I am very friendly to tell me some suggestions and something important in him. “

Haiying Sherman praised the giant new showNew York Giants Xiujiao took over Odel Beckham JR (Odell Beckham Jr (Odell Beckham Jr.) completed the results of overbearing over 100 yields for the single game for the second consecutive week. During the ninth week, 24 more than 40% of the Indiana pony team, Baker Ham took down 158 yards, and this Sunday gave a good momentum to the game, he continued the good momentum completed 7 times. The lower 108 yards.