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Pony coach Pagano aids Emirates Safety BeliIndianapolis Pabano Chuck Chuck Pagano wearing a special T-shirt in Tuesday, wholesale jerseys supporting a special T-shirt support Kansas City Chief Security Wei Rick Berry.

Last month, the chief announced that Berry, which was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma last year, has got rid of cancer. The Pagano himself was absent 12 games in 2012 due to cancer struggle. Berry said last month, Pagano once sent him a text message during his treatment.

Manning once said that he hopes to continue to contract during the team training camp or before the training camp begins. Despite the four-point Gelip-Rivers-Rivers, which was selected as the same year, Ben Roethlisberger, which has been bippled, and things did not develop as Manning hopes.

Pirate re-enabling Maiju as a first-pointIt is reported that Tampa Bay pirate is considering replacing the quartzwand, re-enabling the old Josh McCown. On Tuesday night, Mike Glennon revealed to local media that the team had notified him to re-use Maiju as the first four-point guard next week. Grannon said: “I have opened the coach with the coach in the morning, and they think that Joh is re-emerged is something that is conducive to the team.”

We have difficulty measuring the performance of Granon, the team’s bad offensive front line affects the overall offense, but also makes the quarterition to struggle. Objectively said that every game in Granon is very difficult, he can’t guide the team’s attack, which indirectly leads to the team’s continuous loss.

Bill O & Rsquo; Briren said: “There is no doubt that Hopkins is one of the best external connections in the alliance. In the future, I will repeatedly emphasize this. I believe him. It will become better. “Last season, Hopkins completed 76 battles, pushed 1210 yards, contributing to 6 times. It is worth noting that Texas people are not reliable, and they can still get such results under this premise. Hopkins are not easy. On the 13th week, he was a single single 38 yard.

The pirate chooses to re-enable Maiju, and inspecting that the team also deemed a signal that the team will continue to retain Maxien next season. The early season dedicated McCahn as leaders, or even the team’s savior, management and coaching groups were unanimously optimistic about him. Obviously, they are not willing to deny their original decisions in just half a season.

The 30-year-old veteran missed last season due to a groin injury four games, the accuracy of the return also declined. Ultimately, the season kick hits Bailey dropped to 75% of the lowest of his career, also missed two additional points shot, this is his second career 278 additional points in only two shot attempts missed.

Bailey should be able to find a new owner soon. Cowboys will put the burden over to Brett – Mel (Brett Maher), the 28-year-old player has not played in the regular season over the past four years were fought in CFL, free kick hit rate 78.1%. In the preseason finale, Mel complete a 57 yards free kick.

In the past few months, we have heard Manning’s brokers mentioned some of Manning’s added value. Rosrisberg and Rivers don’t have to play in New York, they don’t have to deal with such a multimedia interview like Manning. Rivers and Rosrisberg don’t have to save the team in Riviera, nor to take responsibility for helping the team between the coach Tom Coughlin and the team.

Texas people coach: Hopkins will be the best external workFor Houston Texas, they give up the important reasons for the old experience, Andre Johnson, is the team has found the new number of the number: De Andre-Hopkins (Deandre Hopkins) ). In the new season, he will officially become an outer number of the team, and the team is full of confidence.

This will be a big contract regardless of when Manning gets a new contract. If Manning is able to play outstanding second consecutive seasons, the best team can get a new contract before the start of the first game.

Iravi Manning continued to negotiate significant progressThe deadline for the four-point Wei Yilan Manning and the New York giant were signed gradually. And he is getting closer and closer from the new contract.

US time on Saturday, the team announced cut kicker Dan – Bailey (Dan Bailey). Bailey in 2014 with the Cowboys signed seven-year 22.5 million US dollars contract, the contract period left three years. After he was laid off, the Cowboys make $ 3.4 million in cap space.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that the two sides have made significant progress in the long-term renewal negotiations, and both parties have achieved optimism in front of the Sunday giants.

Hopkins is currently only 22 years old. As I Blane said, he still has a great progress space. However, if you want to truly rank among the top of the league, Hopkins may have to send a team to find a reliable pass.