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Obviously, Murray also understood this truth, in order to thank the offensive front line to himself, he added a new computer for each offensive front line player, and the retail price of each computer is around $ 1,300, it can be said to be comparison Valuated gift. The first struck of the team’s first struck, Martin, said when he was asked: “Proud, we will send us the computer one by one, great.”

Cowboy runs to the offensive front line player to give a computeDallas Cowboy Star Run Guard Marke Murray This season is the best running guard this season. He currently has a history of seven consecutive seven games, the number of mosquies, the number of punches and the ball The number of reached reached the league, he even had a record number of single-seme seasons hoped to break Eric Dickson (Eric Dickerson). However, Murray must thank a group of people, which is the excellent offensive frontline player in the cowboy, is the outbreak of Murray, which has laid a solid foundation.

The teams who hired a new coach were originally started to start seasons at 4.6, and other teams were on April 20. The teams have also received a command to turn off facilities other than medical rehabilitation.

Cowbur currently has a total of nine offensive front line players to register, so Murray is still quite generous. I believe that the offensive front line will be more expensive to open the way after receiving thanks, helping Murray continues to take a record. Soon, Murray will give them a bigger gift to them.

Wild horses sign the first round show outside Jerry JudiWild horses have been signed with the first round of Xiu outside the US local time on Thursday. Jerry Jeudy. NFL TV reporter Ian Rapople reported a contract for four years, the full guarantee, with a total value of $ 1519.2, and a $ 8.61 million signature bonus. Judy received a total of 71% of signature bonuses. Like other first round, the contract includes the fifth year team option.

With your own excellent performance, Hill squeezed the front first round of Matt Elam to the tension. The new season, because Eram has reimbursed, Hill’s position is more stable. He will partner KFC Lewis, the guardian of the crow.

October is the best offensive show: St. Louis Ram runs to Todd Gurley, in three consecutive games, the number of passes of the squad, and becomes 2005 Cadillac – Williams ( This is a matter of course for the first three consecutive games, which has exceeded 125 yards, since Cadillac Williams. He is also the best attack of the new show.

October United States Best Secret Service Group Players: Denver Musk players Brandon McManus, in the seventh week ago, the score of McMarus (61) is more than wild horse offensive group ( 54) More. After 10 times in October 10, he was the most important player of the wild horse throughout the month.

This experience from the University of Alabama is considered to be the best rookie running this year or even in recent years. In addition to the exceptional ball line run, Judy also has excellent exercise ability, large hands, pulling space, continuous advancement and superior speed after the ball. This rookie can grow into the top of the team.

Crow safe Wei Hill and the team renewal to the 2016 season The Baltimore Crow announced on the local time on Thursday, with the safety Weiwell-Hill, Www.endovenouslaser.Com a two-year contract. In March of this year, Hill has a contract with a free player and the crow, a contract worth 1.54 million US dollars. After the signing of the contract, he will become a free player after the 2016 season.

Maxi Maxvil tried in the Hawks. He once in 2011 to 2014, was a Haiying’s effectiveness, starting 17 games. After that, he joined the Philadelphia eagle with a 6-year contract. In the last month, he was cut off by Miami dolphins. He was only played in 2 games this season. In the early season, the leg teasing is limited to his appearance time and his poor performance on the court makes him exclude the list of appearances before being cut two weeks.

In an interview, Hill said: “When I talk about renewed in my first and crow, I know I don’t want to go anywhere anywhere. I just want to be a crow player.” The former New York Giant player has 3 The issue occurred in the drug inspection, and he signed the crow last season, and then doubled after the ban.

October best defensive new show: Minnesota Viking line Wei Rick Kentricks, in the game of Detroit Lion, 6 times, 2 times and 3 times After the number of lost codes, KFCs won the award. He is very important for the 4 killing of the seasons to Weijing young defensive groups.

Maxvil’s 2016 season is eye-catching, the Hawks will hopes that he can return to such a state. He is very suitable for the defensive system of the sea eagle and has experienced experience in this system.

October United States Best Defensive Players: Auckland raids Safety Wei Charles Woodson, Woodson is like red wine as red wine. The 39-year-old raid person safety Wei obtained a pass of 3 changing competitions in October after winning the ball in September; & mdash; including 2 copy of PEYTON Manning. He is a reliable main bone for the raid guard group in growth.