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Jianlian external card prospects: steel man @ 虎 (defense)In addition to the efficient attack this season, the defensive group of the tigers is also the key to the name of the United States. The defensive front line leading to Kino-Atkins and Carlos-Dunrad is allowed to eat all the opponents. The first three defensive cut offsters in the Alliance Antkins not only the pavement anti-run, but also won 11 times, and the efficiency is high. Efficient flushing hands Dun Ru also won the fourth 13.5 times of the league. Due to the excellent rushing performance of these two, the defensive second line of the tiger this season is also full of data, a total of 21 copy, ranking third. Elderly Wantan is more a copy of this season in 8 cases. There is also a tiger’s line, and this defensive command line does not have absolute core leaders, but two have been in the new Dai Wenzte – Ray and Vontitz – Bakelet as the core. The tiger lines contributed 323 hugs and 3.5 times. The division of labor is clear, the tactics are clearly the biggest feature of the Tiger Defensive Group. Targeted defense relatively strictly of them will reveal a great advantage when pair of steel people.

In addition, whether Griffin II returns to be determined by his psychological factors, only when the team thinks he has been preparing for it, he will play him. “We will continue to pay attention to him on Friday tomorrow,” Groad repeatedly stressed that “I think that his injury is no problem, what is his psychology support him back to the game, if He looks good in this regard, he can come back immediately. If you can’t, you have to wait a week. “

Griffin I have a chance to debut on the weekendRobert Griffin continues to advance to the backward road. Washington Red Primary Coach Jay Grudin told the reporter that this three-grade rookie has made true knife together in another four-point guards in the team in Wednesday. The training of guns. Grunette said that Griffin II had the opportunity to debut in the game of Mingnesota, after Sunday, and the latter hangs from the presence of the ankle dislocation from the second week.

Although the steel man has no longer falls the steel curtain defense of the year, the defensive meritori Dick-Leber leaves Pittsburgh in the rest period. However, the defenders of steel people this season still played a lot of exciting performance. Main line Wei Ruyrence Timmism is already a steel man’s defensive core, which is the best in all lines of steel people with 119 hugs and 5 killing. After the defending end Kameon – Hayward break, after the big contract, this season broke out this season, 54 times and 7 times, no matter whether anti-run and anti-transmission, this 11 years of first round show They are the most important part of the steel man’s defensive group. This season, the steelman’s defensive group took 48 kills, and the third column is the third. At the veteran James Harrison, the two young teenage Stephen-Tuit and Len Shazer have improved. Overall, this year, the steelman’s entire defensive frontline is not good, and it is possible to kill a blood road from the hard schedule. As a defensive group in the forefront of the Alliance, Wholesale jerseys it should play all the strength to block the attack on the tiger, and only this can help the team to win.

Viking outside the Erover – SHON ankle cutting receiving needle treatmentOn Wednesday, the name of Adam Thielen has appeared in the injury report of the Minnesota Weijing. He is mysteriously ankle and is listed as part of partial training. When Viking is about 49 people in San Francisco, the play may or will be listed as unsure.

For Herbert, which is growing up, leaving Oregon will be his next challenge. But more importantly, he needs to learn more skills and understand the new offensive system. Choosing his team may regard him as a team of signboarders in the team. However, in 2019, we won the William .v. The Campbell Award does not mean that he will appear in the first day of the season.

Kansas City Chief Willing to Trade 4 Union SwanThe Chief of Kansas City was reversed in Tennessee in Tennessee in the United States, and this could be the last game of the first quarter-free Alex Smith for the Emirates.

However, the emirate was surprised by them from the first round of Patrick, the first round of Patrick, Patrick Mahomes II. Obviously Marhums is their next first quarter-breaking and they think can transition from Smith to Mahms. The performance of the seventeenth week is impressive, and the 35th pass 22 successfully obtained 284 yards 1 time passed.

Let’s take a look at 5 wins and 4-linked falcon, last week they tasted a lot of sweets on the cowboy. The team defensive end Edrian-Kreborn creates the active record of 6 times, and the single field is also a number of digital numbers after the official data after the official data in 1982. (Ranking first for the celebrity member Delhi Thomas, 1990, Double 11) created 7 times. The team’s four-dimensional Matt-Lan also got another milestone in the career in the 27-7 victory of the cowboy. His career passed the number of passes has reached 40073 yards, which became a result of 151 results. The NFL has reached the fastest quarter-off of 40000 yards in history.