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But his excellent performance last season will only make people feel a bright future, but will not doubt that he wants to consider retirement. Last season, he passed the 4593 yards last season, reached 39 times, with team to enter the playoffs. If it is not just hitting the momentum of Patrick Mahomes and the chief, the little horse may go further, and Lak can compete for the final MVP award.

According to Minneapolis media reports, Bal did not participate in the team training. He has participated in the rugby training camp of the Mike Zimmer, but it seems not to attend the voluntary training camp.

Andrew Luck In the break, the injury in the offset period was finally changed to a result of everyone who did not want to see it. This pony is a four-defense that has been informing the team to retire from cheap nfl jerseys from china. ESPN first reported this heavy news, we will continue to follow into the event of Racle.

Xiu Xiu Mike: Dance: only to kill ManningBefore the start of the 2014 season, when someone asked the Khalil Mack, who had a new show line of the Auckland raid, who was most excited by him this season.

According to NFL NetWork reporters, Rark has considered at least two weeks. He knocked married, planned to travel the world, and the love of the game has no longer contemporary. So he finally selected to leave.

Randel – Kobio is responsible for the attack problemThe offensive group of Green Bay packaging this season has always had some problems, recently Randall Cobb, take the initiative to take this responsibility.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that Manning, who has been in 18 seasons in the Alliance, will announce retirement on Monday. Manning has previously called on Saturday to inform the horses of the horses, including John Elway, and coach Gary Kubiak.

Legendary quadrupation Watton – Manning is about to declare retirementPeyton Manning will end your career with the championship. After winning the second super bowl of career, Manning’s wonderful career has come to the end.

Pony four-point guardian Dru Lak is ready to retireUpdate: At an emergency press conference, Rack confirmed its own decommissioned decision. He said: “This decision is not easy. Hone other words, this can be elected to the most difficult decision of my life, but this is also the right decision.” Rac said that he felt that he was “trapped” a injured recovery cycle. Various size injuries “took away the happiness I got from the game.” The emotions of Lak show, he is indeed unfair to leave. Lak said that he had swept himself and will never experience the pain before appreciation. But the ankle injury made him a similar feeling in the past few weeks.

Victor – Cruze not heard of the team to reduce their own salariesOutside the New York Giants next season, took over the Victor – Cruze (Victor Cruz) basic income is 7.4 million dollars, but it is clear that he could not previously outside that peak performance took over, but the team is not required to reduce his salary meant.

Manning has previously created a record of his career and his career. In addition, he also became the most valuable player in the league, seven times selected for a while. Previously, this super bowl was victory in his career, and he also became the first quarter of the first quarter of the world to win the super bowl of champions in the history.

Cruze after the last race and have no chance of this – Mike Adu (Ben McAdoo) to do the exchange. The Giants will certainly be an important part of the assessment of the value of the Cruze, Cruze missed all the games of the 2015 season, played in 15 games this season, but he could not attack this season, his 39 catches for 586 yards and a propulsion touchdowns .

While the Cruze has been doing as a team leader, he offered to bear the wrong end of the season, but the market for a 30-year-old veteran and has a long history of players, his future will be very hard indeed.

US time on Tuesday, the Cruze an interview that he did not come from the team news for a long time, since they lose the playoffs on the broken link. But he did not think he would be the team to sell, he said:. “If I want to leave the Giants, it must be something wrong happened.”