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Adrian Peterson still wants to impact Emit-Smith Record

In the next month, I didn’t change the 36-year-old Adrian Peterson, and recently received an interview. He said he still hoped to win the super bowl, and chased Emitt Smith (Emmitt Smith) Record.

Wholesale nfl jerseys official website analysts listed Mefield as the 13th potential player, but there are numerous teams that Merfield is likely to be taken away. The wild horses holding 5 signed have also been interested in him.

Rocks players praise Josh Rosen’s fourth quarter

Beijing October 30th This year’s performance can be said to make the fans are quite disappointing, it is worth looking forward to, and the rookie four points, Josh Rosen, will grow one of them.

Baker – Mefield will visit the giant, jet, Brown

After the body test, the team will begin to interview and trials potential new people. Bakery Baker Baker Mayfield is naturally one of the hands-on hands.

Mefield is considered to be one of the strong four-point guards, and the Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, California, University of California, Wyoming University. Josh Aallen and Lamar Jackson, Lamar Jackson, Louish Aallen.

The performance of 49 people on Sunday is worthy of praise. The rickets were behind the fourth quarter of the competition, but the Rosen tried to score, but also completed two points to change, helping the Red Shot for a long-lost victory. According to the data, Rosen’s fourth quarter 18 times completed 12 times, pushed 150 yards, reached 2 times, did not be copied, passed the ball to ratify 129.4, and complete a 2-point switch. Even the usual waves of Larry Fitzgerald is difficult to do, and have made a celebration of the fall. However, Fitzgerald later explained that he was because his son did not want to watch the game, and he would make this move. He also apologized for emotional excitement.

Fitzgerald also praised Rosen. He said this rookie “voice reveals confidence, the eyes are full of firm beliefs”, but also benefited from this, the team sweeps the top three haze, completing the anti-fleet. The left trunks D. J. Hengris (D.j. Humphries) also is amazing.

Hengreis said: “He said that he said: We want him to win this game. & Hellip; & hellip; I am also thinking about this, listen to him to say export & hellip; & hellip; listen to our quarter guard This sentence makes me very excited, our step is consistent. “

McCaron: Braddy has faced the same situation

Andy Dalton’s injury made AJ McCarron a first four-point guard of Cincinnati’s next week. Mamando, Marvin Lewis, believes that Dalton’s injury is not reimbursed in season, and also expresses support for McCarren.

According to reports, the University of Oklahoma, who has won the Hesmann Award, will visit Cleveland Brown, New York Jet and New York. Mefield is expected to be tried in Brown, Jet, Dolphins and Saints after 3.14 occupations.

Compared with Braddy, McCarren’s offensive weapons are also more abundant. At that time, Brradi’s teammates were AntoWan Smith, Troy Brown and David Patten, while McCarren included AJ Green, Gio Many offensive hands in Vanna Bernard and Tayler Eiferts. This week, McCarren passed the 280 yard, 2 times, 2 times.

Gordon said: “I can’t get the ball now, which makes everything very slow. I hope to find the rhythm as soon as possible, use a better state to make a bigger threat.” Gordon has participated in three games. The game, his data is also decreasing. In the game of Indianapolis last week, Gordon only completed 2 batches and promoted 21 yards. Last season, he had only brought the ball in a single game in the game with Green Bay packaging, and there were only three games to catch a ball once.

Josh-Gord: I want to do more for the team

Local time Thursday, Cleveland Brown took advantage of Josh Gordon in an interview that it would be much more difficult to reintegrate into the team after 10 weeks of absence. Gordon revealed that he hopes to make greater contributions to the team and is dissatisfied with your current performance.

McCaron said: “You need to enjoy the pressure, which will make you more good, make the real player glow. When Tom Brady has been facing the same situation,” actual On, it is much better than Braddy, McAllen faces much better. In the 2001 season, the new England patriot two successfully defeated, and Braddy became a first. The current tiger is already 10 wins and 3 losses. They still have a lot of possibilities that may win the Champions in the United States.

Gordon said: “This is not a defensive problem, just I can’t do it yourself. I don’t know what happened, but I hope to retrieve the status. I hope I can act in the rest of the game. Especially in the red zone attack. “