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In his 14-year career, a total of 205 games were sent, of which 175 were sent. As of this week, he has sent 144 times for the bear team. In the early season, he had absent from the ankle injury. Although Dava is about 36 years old next year, he still said that as long as the body is allowed, he will continue to fight: “Everyone knows that I love this job. I hope to be in my ability. It is best, football is part of my life, which inspires me to advance. “

Chicago Bear Team and the Old Central Continued For about a year

Chicago bear announced on Friday, with the center Roberto Garza for one year. The next season will be the 11th year of this old will be in Chicago. Davigation revealed that negotiations were very smooth: “I feel that we only use a call to get this problem. With my age, my position, we don’t need too much negotiation, everything is very smooth.”

In the history of cheap nfl jerseys from china, Fitzgerald’s number of buses and the number of balls were second only to Jerry Rice. He also takes 171 bolts and 5812 yards to chase the Les’s record. This means that he still takes a few seasons to approach these two records, but at least he can have a chance to get close and closer.

Let’s take a look at how the dolphin defensive line coach evaluates Su: “He doesn’t understand him, in fact he is a very talented player, not only the ability and his IQ. These will make him more great, let He is different, I really like this guy very much. “

It seems that Donald’s dismissal is possible, the team meets last week and his delegates, but there is no substantive result, and it seems that Donald will take the weight of the resistance to the resistance.

Fitzgerad pulled out the space in the fast pass attack, the offensive system of Kliff Kingsbury, Kyler Murray, Quick biography Characteristics of the ball. Perhaps Fitzgerald can’t rely on speed occupation, but he still has excellent route running capabilities and the ability to complete the ball in small space.

Dava revealed that the team’s situation did not affect his decision. He just want to do itself: “I don’t care about the coach is left, I just want to continue as a team of the team. I believe We can win more competitions, we can rebound strongly. “

11 times of the selected professional bowl of Fitzgelad is currently the number of red squatts in the number of balls (1378 times), the number of balls (17083 yards) and the number of balls reached (120 times).

At Titan, Sharp has lost the opportunity, but after the Vi Don Digs (Stefon Diggs) traded from the team, Sharp may have the opportunity to become the team’s second hand and Adam – Shetten (Adam Thielen) partner.

Miami Dolphin’s defensive coordinator said in an interview: “Su is here there is a new nickname” emirate “, he is a big boy, he is a tape person, our wealth. He said nothing but once he opened you Will listen carefully. “

Although the fans of the dolphins have not had a chance to look at Su, it is obvious that Su has created its influence in the locker room. This team has exported a lot of outstanding players, but there is no such thing in Su, Su is considered to be the top 5 top defensive players in the league.

In 2016, the fifth round of the draft was taken by the Titan election, the potential was shown in the rookie season. He completed 41 battles to get 522 yards 2 times. But because the foot injured him absent the entire 2017 season. He is difficult to recover the previous excellent state after repeating. In the past two seasons, the number of balls in each season did not exceed 330 yards.

Dedg’s departure weakened the depth of the lineup of the Wiki. Although Sharp’s arrival has reinforced the depth of lineup and he has a good upper limit, Viking is expected to pick up an outer hand in the election.

Arizona Red Tit announced that this old will have an external contract with the team to sign a 1 year. This means that he will return to the 2020 season, Qurancloud.Com which is the 17th season. This contract value is up to 11 million US dollars.