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Although personal performance is very exciting, Brown is disappointing. After the trading, the Brown was once considered to be the team that was most likely to win the US north of the United States in Odell Beckham Jr. But in the end, their record is only 6-10, and the partition is ranked third.

As an experienced old, Marshall is very saying in the locker room. His attitude will also change Smith’s current embarrassment to some extent. Marshall said: “This matter affects our team, this is very disappointing. I am very disappointed. I am sorry about this child, because he has been working hard, but if our goal is to continue to win We can’t continue to be troubled by this matter. Kino is very clear. “

Marshall said: “I am present at the time, but I will not discuss the specific details again, because this thing has passed. What I want to say is that Keno has not done anything wrong. This is all I want to say, now we must Put forward, I don’t want to disperse the team’s attention, but Keno has not made mistakes. “

Pony signing the until the chieftain 卫 Justin Houston

Beijing March 22, US time reported on Thursday, according to ESPN reporter Adam Schefter, Pony signed the unti Justin Houston, and Justin Houston. The two sides have reached an agreement on a 2 year of $ 24 million.

Patriot main defensive end training in three muscle tears

According to NFL official website reporters, Ian Rapoport reported that the new England Patriot main defending end Robei Rob Ninkovich is inadvertently trained in the local time on Tuesday and New Orleans Saint Torn three muscles. Fortunately, it is only the muscle torn, the tendon is not injured, so Ningkevich does not need to receive surgery, and only conservative treatment is required, and it is preliminaryly to return to the stadium in October.

Marshall: Keno did not do something wrong

New York Jet 4-point Weijino-Smith will take at least 6 to 10 weeks due to the conflict between involvement with teammates. For this matter, most jet players do not openly support Smith. On Monday, Cheap Jerseys From China, Smith finally waited for a teammate that helped his own, and Brandon Marshall.

As the defensive leader of the patriot, Ningkevich is one of the core of the team’s defensive frontline. His player last season is the most in front of the front line, contributing 6.5 times and the highest career. Destroy the ball. He has no shortage of 80 regular competitions in the past five seasons, counted in the playoffs, and he has played 102 consecutive games, and this record is in history, all of the defensive ends.

Ningkovic is expected to take a responsibility of two main defensive end of the patriots in Jabaal Sheard, and now they will have to rely on new Jozen Joining Chris Long (Chris Long) And the second grade GrisSom to fill the vacancies left after Ningkevic lack.