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Colts linebacker Leonard: I’m glad wide receiver Hopkins left the AFC South

Dean Andre get the Arizona Cardinals wide receiver transaction – Hopkins (DeAndre Hopkins), the Cardinals quarterback Keller – Murray (Kyler Murray) is probably the happiest player in the league.

People care about Fitzgerad because he is still very good now, and after the 43nd Super Bowl is just a stone’s throw away, it is now the best opportunity to return to the super bowl after that. Fitzgerald has followed the sago in the 2017 season and even his father said that he did not talk about retirement. Ian Rapoport reported that Fitzgerald chooses to have a large extent to file questions about his future.

“When I first heard the news, I am disappointed for him because he paid so much for that team, but they took him to such a point of return transaction, which is too bad,” Levin Nader said in a radio show guest. “But, from small horse’s point of view, the defense group, I think, & lsquo; Well, I am glad he left, & rsquo; because he was the league’s top wide receiver, we do not have to face him twice a year to us. I am happy. “

In the season of 2013, the new England patriots took Ti Po, which was a great blow to him. Of course, this is a big relationship with his bad ball skills. Now he is 27 years old, this veteran training camp will be a good opportunity to return to NFL. In this past few years, he has been hone his skills and follows Tom House, Tom House. Tom – House is the pitcher of the former American Professional Baseball League once taught many NFL quadruptions, which also had Tom Brady and Drew Bress.

Ravens running back: I hope the team can stay

As the largest discovery Baltimore Ravens this season, Justin – Fossett (Justin Forsett) rushed the ball Size of 5.4 yards. He also was selected to do so this weekend’s Pro Bowl. Over the past four years, Fawcett played for four teams, the Ravens this season, finally seized the opportunity.

The former Hesmann winner may take the NFL veteran training camp held in Phoenix on March 22. This training camp was held for the first time, in order to make those who have talented free players don’t have to end their careers in NFL early. In the list of registered, Siwuxi-Yang (Vince Young) and the first open cabinet Michael Sam is in column.

But Indianapolis Colts linebacker Darius – Leonard (Darius Leonard) for Hopkins left the Houston Texans are quite happy, because he and his teammates do not have to face the wide receiver twice a year NS.

Although not directly denied the report on the 2016 season, Fitzgerald is also avoided to avoid the future plan: “I don’t talk about the future,” Fitzgerald said. “I don’t even know what I will eat tonight. I don’t want to say that I will plan next year. I have been resended for a year. I believe that we are doing now.”

27-year-old Hopkins career pony face 13 times, completed a total of 77 catches for 1053 yards made 6 touchdowns. This is the second time he faced good data other teams made, at 1313 yards, second only to face the Tennessee Titans.

“One thing, I think two years ago, he did not sell the ball over,” Leonard said in Hopkins asked why the league took over as the best outside. “He can slot in the array. Array on the outside he can. He can beat you in the long pass. He can across the center of the field. His performance is so good. When you think you qualify for inclusion in the first year Hall of Fame player, he certainly is such a player. “

Fitzgerad’s performance in this game is worth the most praise, he completed 81 yards 2 times. This is another classic manifestation of Fitzgerald. He is 33 years old and will definitely be selected to be selected in the celebrity hall.

NFL official website reporter Kimberly Jones reported that the giant and Beckham reached a consensus, the outer junction could not work with the team. Giants feel that there is no need to rush to let their best offensive players return to training.

This year’s break is about Beckham’s news has been around his injury and his hopes for the new contract. nfl jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapoport This previous report that Beckbla will not step on the court without getting a new contract. Absence the team constructive to continue to make this threat to become a realistic possible.

Fawcett said: “I believe I can adapt to a variety of systems over the past few years I have had a similar experience, I am ready..” For now, Crow hopes to retain Fossett, Fossett also happy to continue playing for the Ravens. Not surprisingly, then, Fossett will continue to appear in the next season starting position Ravens running back on.

With Gary – after breaking Kubiak (Gary Kubiak), Crow hired Mark – Tres Altman (Marc Trestman) served as offensive coordinator. Compared to the former ground-based offensive tactical systems, which tend to use a higher proportion of passing tactics. In this regard, Fossett believe they have the ability to succeed in any system.