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“I really don’t understand,” Landri said after the game. “When we went to Nike Headquarters, it was permission to the alliance before the production of the ball. So Nike adopted such a shoe and felt that the league is licensed. So, I really feel This is not a problem, nor does it affect anyone. I just try to play. “

Due to Kerwynn Williams, the main substitute of Adrian Peterson became DJ Foster, the main substitute of Adrian Peterson, in the case of Sunday, and the ADRINNNN WILLIAMS But in this color, you need more running on the depth of running. So they are in promoting Hill, they will also run the Darius Victor to trace lineup.

This is not Baker Him for the first time because of the news on the problem. In the first battle in the season, he wore a watch to give a warning. In the last month, he was fined $ 14,000 because wearing a pants that failed to cover the knee area.

“The decision like this is always tough, but this is the most difficult decision I have participated in the Alliance for so many years,” The general manager Thomas Dimitroff said in the statement. “We have a high respect and gratitude to Roddy’s significance for the fans and teams. He is a great teammate and is one of the greatest players in the history of Falcon. We thank Roddi to do everything to do for the team. And I wish him success in the future career career. “

Earlier this week, dolphins were cut off the old defending Didum Mio-Williams (Mario Williams) and defensive Diagonal Mitchell. However, dolphins’ defensive sharp lines still have a Twick and Ndamukong Suh in the future.

One year ago, White public expression was dissatisfied with the Falcon offensive group. In the middle of the season, he once talked about how he was in most situations to Leonard Hankerson, which can only be the third number of Matt Ryan. Passing the goal. At that time, he said that White will be traded, but the last did not happen.

Falcon cut out the old handle, Luidi White

After the controversial 2015 season, Atlanta Falcon officially announced the most great out-of-handed Rod White, the greatest exterior of the team, wrodeword.

According to reports, in the first half, Randri and Beckham were told their shoes to violate the Alliance Machinery. According to ESPN, Beckham makes a pattern similar to a clown face in the first half, blue and red composition. And Landri’s shoes have orange shadows, closer to wild horses instead of Brown cheap nfl jerseys From china.

Brown walks behind Landrid and Beckham are asked to replace the ball shoes during midfield

In the competition of Cleveland Brown, CBS Sports reported that CBS Sports reported that Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham were asked to replace the ball when there was a break in the midfield. In order to play the next half. Randri confirmed this news.

According to informed people, Vic’s renewal is actually a new 2-year contract with a maximum of $ 18 million, including 11 million US guarantee income. In addition, if the Victor has reached 55% in the next two years, he can get a full $ 18 million.

“It’s not worthy of him, he is not Antonio Brown,” Jalen Ramsey “said that Schthzite is said. “Now I will face an excessive person, different body, different styles. He can complete the attack. But I will make my own game. I really didn’t feel worried about it.”

Brownner praise: Arlington is “T.Y. Killer”

On the defensive second line of the new England Patriots, Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner are well-deserved star players. However, in the last week with the Indianapolis horses, it is Kyle Arrington.

For your teammates, Brownner’s evaluation is very high: “Kyle is & lsquo; TY killer & rsquo; two times, he has proved his strength. Hilton is the main threat of Pony, and Zhou Dan Buddha wildaband has not been able to Limited to him. But today, Kyle is again done again. “In addition to using Elington to Hilton, the patriot is also arranged in Branda to close the close-up of the close-end, Freg Fleener, and Arrange Rewis Located Donte Moncrief. The patriot has its own advantage in the 3 groups. After 2 weeks, the super bowl is about to start. The patriot’s corner combination will definitely create greater trouble for the Huawang’s poverty.

Elington is in the regular season, only about 40% of the defensive number of defensive files, but he participated in all 56 defenders in the final of the Federation. And his defensive object is that the Pony Top Take T. Y Hilton (T.Y. Hilton). In the end, the Hilton’s game was only twisted once, advanced 36 yards. When the first time in the 11th week of the two sides, Elington was only allowed by Hilton 3 times, advanced 24 yards.

Ramsse added to the ram in the middle of the season. He has had experience with steel people, helping Jacksonville American Tiger in the season of championship. In the 2 game after joining the ram, he won 11 times and forcing the ball.

In the season’s 8 games, Smith Schustic’s performance has proved Ramsea. He completed 33 battles to get 459 yards 3 times. If you look at this performance from this season, you have to know how to get 111 batches last season. And his performance in this season is far less than the same period of last season.