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According to the NFL official website reporter, the two star players can continue to stay in the lion, and the team does not rule out the possibility of breaking up. White said: “These two players are very good, in my opinion, their talents. At this stage, I will continue to build a team around them, and they are at the heart of the team.” Although the talents of the two players Confidence is full, but bad records and high salary of the two do not allow the team to produce other ideas.

The general manager of the lion is uncertain in the future of the star playerDetroit Lion’s recent personnel change did not reach immediate results, the team general manager Sheldon White is asked about the star player in the team: quad-saving Matthew – Stafford (Matthew Stafford) ) And the future of Calvin Johnson, the answer is ambiguous.

John Lynch, General Manager of 49, said: “I want to thank Elvis to make a contribution to the team last year. He is the outstanding leader of our dressing room, and leading our defensive group. Strive to struggle. Although he can’t create a future with us, if he wants to return, we always welcome. I wish him all the best with his family. “

The foul more than the impact of the defensive group also affects the offensive group of the Hawks. Take the ball, the original Wilson and Baldwin are fruitful, but the approach of the near-end Harke Wilson’s foul makes the Hawks have to face the 2nd file 22 yards. Fortunately, the abandonment is very good, and the red squash has to start attacking from the first 1 yard in the front.

The Hawks who take the ball will finally find the feeling, starting to frequently rely on the external hand – Baldwin’s personal ability to take the short code to catch the ball. After pushing into the Red District, Rainbow passed to Middle Road, naked, naked, naked, naked, Nikimi-Glaham, huge body advantage, eating rubes safe Wei Ti Von – Blanch, not only It has been reached, causing Brace injury to the field. Blair Walsh Additional Shot, Haiying 7-0 lead!

49 people Navimoville will become free playersSan Francisco 49 people recently announced that the contract options of ELVIS DUMERVIL will not be implemented, and Domoville will officially become free players next week.

Wayne will participate in training today or tomorrow, he will participate in the playoffs of the fight against tigers. He currently ranked second with a 779-yard sphere code number, he obtained a total of 64 games in a total of 64 times this season.

However, Johnson is absent, the ground attack of the lion is also stretched. Johnson is almost almost in his own efforts, he took a rush of the lion, he was 118 times, promoted 641 yards, a code 5.4, Lagarrette Blount, 78 times, promoted 183 yards, Only 2.3. But the two are currently 3 to do in hand.

If the lion choices and Stafford breaks up after the end of this season, the team will save $ 11 million in salary space. But in the case of an alternative, the lion may choose to continue working with Starfford. Johnson’s situation is different. He will get a basic salary of $ 15.95 million next season, with a salary cap to produce a $ 24 million of impact. Regarding the rumor of the transaction, Johnson has been long, maybe some substantive development will occur after the end of the season.

After today’s test, Kerryon Johnson was diagnosed as a knee sprain, and injured needed weekly. He has a great possibility that the upcoming Thanksgiving Wars will then be a week. However, this situation is not bad. After all, in general, running guards will be surprised, and they are afraid of more serious situations.

Wayne overcomes the injury of the tribal ligament of the 2013 season’s knee, returned this season, but other injuries have seriously restricted him to play this season. He injured his elbow in the game of Sincona Tiger on October 19, causing him to miss a game. Thereafter, it was reported that he was troubled by three muscle tears, which made him wear a protective sleeve on the left arm. Later, he had to leave due to the injury of the groin in Tennessee Titan.

Most played 11 games last season, and the ball was 30 yards 6 times. His special team contributed more highlights and completed the highest 8 times in the whole team. Watson played 14 games, completed 4 times in the defensive end, and the special team completed 6 times.

After the opening, the sea eagle first attack. The four gears of the Hawks off-attack group were invalid, and they were simply sacrificed. However, the Hawks have Camman, and there is unlimited possibilities. He also ponced the special team to cause the red rocket to attack the ball and took the ball directly to the Hawks. However, the Hawie Eagle offensive group still did not improve anything, but also to complete the four-stage card get off work. It is also a defensive group to save the world, and the Hawie’s defensive group makes the rock attack group unchanged.

In the third quarter, the bear completed two vital ball transformations, directly helping them to easily complete 2 times. In the end, the team even wins 21 points. All games, Falti completed the 89 yards, 28 yards, but the whole team only advanced 204 yards. The four-point Weijie-Carterle (Jay Cutler) tried to pass on 27 times, just click the following document won 130 yards.