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Famous Hall of Defense Didway Wili – Davis died at the age of 85Professional football Hall of Famous Hall announced that the Hall of the Hall of the Hall Willie Davis died on Wednesday, and the year was 85 years old.

Despite the hug and murder in his age, Davis caused a huge threat to the opponent offensive group. He was selected for 5 consecutive years in 1963 to 1967. In the 10 seasons for the cost of packaging, he also selected the best lineup for a while, helping the team to win the NFL champion 5 times, win the super bowl of championship twice.

Although the tricks of Tony Tony, Tony Romo, Dallas Danji once rely on the wins, Joseph Randle and Darren McFadden (Joseph Randle) Darren McFadden has obtained 3 and 1 shinkle to reach, and the upper half of the Falcon can only rely on 2 of Devonta Freeman to bite the score, and take over the top Julio Jones did not play. However, the second half of the wind is muttered, Jones is going back to win 2 ball reachaes, and he has a total of 164 yards and 2 times, and the second half of Fremman has again achieved a total of a total of the game. 141 The code obtained 3 times. The brave gang of the two helped the falcon afterwards the cowboy at 39-28.

This game lost the suspense from the beginning. The Arizona Railwell Defensive Group opened two consecutive copies of 49 people in San Francisco, 49 people, Colin Kaepernick, and returned to the array. And 49 people can only rely on Dr. Carlos Hyde to support offense. The flush offensive ends have the most bright eyes of Larry Fitzgerald and Run Kris Johnson. Johnson’s short-range snorkeling helped the Red Shot to win 28-0 leaders. If you don’t have 49 people to run Guardian Hayen (JARRYD HAYNE), it is a good attack, and 49 people may be zero in the middle half. The state of Katnik in the second half is still not improved, and he has been copied 4 times. It is also troublesome, and Hyde is attacked in this part of the part. In the end, Katnik passed 9 times, 9 times successfully obtained 67 yards but 4 times were copied, but his 12-size ball reached 49 people in this only score. Squad quad-saving, Carson Palmer, 32 passes, 20 times successfully received 311 yards 2 times, running to Johnson 22 times to get 110 yards 2 times, external handfitt Lad 9 times a shot of 134 yards 2 times. The sagny 47-7 big wins 49 people.

Breddy told ESPN reporter: “I don’t like this, this makes me feel very weird, I need to go with my own people, when Julian Edelman completes the ball, I need to hold him This feels true. I used Green Bay packaging workers, because I like this offensive group, I have used Seattle Hawks because I like the defensive group. “

Josh McDaniels, Josh McDaniels, Josh McDaniels, Yicani, is the ultimate candidate of the eagle. In terms of coach selection, the eagle has also joined the queue. Jeffery Lurie said: “As a team with a new coach, we have an obligation to let Carson Wentz return to the right track and continue to develop to elite.”

This is an expected competition, but the new England patriots have missed the ultra-high score. Siwu Tom Bradi (Tom Brady) 42 times passed 33 successfully achieved 358 yards 2 times, in this game, he became the fourth completion of 400 passes to the achievements in NFL history. guard. The patriot’s pavement offensive has played a high efficiency, although only 115 yards added, but running Galley Legarette Blount and Dion Lewis each received 3 times And 1 shinkle reachable. In the face of this performance, Jacksonville American tiger has no power, only the 59 yards of Allen Hurns are only a wonderful moment. In the end, the patriot 51-17 raises the American tiger.

“I do think so,” Cook is asked if he thinks it is the best quarter-saving time this year. “There are many misunderstandings to me. I can solve these problems in interviews with coaching and general manager. Let them know what I am. I will demonstrate how I deal with a set of defensive formats. I will recognize it. The opponent’s flash quarter-saving map, re-adjusts four-point guard. Anything I can do is to show them that I am not only a good player, but I am very smart and know everything about the game. “

The four points of the raids are very satisfied with the new coach.July 19, cheap jerseys from china Jon Gruden, the raid will begin to release the rumors of the coach. He is focusing on the relationship between DEREK Carr. Some people worry that Grobe’s character will make Carl collapsed, but it is not a big problem.

Carl said: “Grunette did not disappoint me. At present, he satisfied all my expectations, even higher than expected. We are very similar, which is very interesting. He is about to become the main coach, people asked the most Is: & lsquo; how do you get along? & Rsquo; for this, our response is a smile & hellip; & hellip; we all love football, you are eager to win, you also like to compete, you have a requirement. I will ask: & lsquo; you What did you prepare for me today? What do you intend to teach me today? & Rsquo; he will urge me to advance. If I have completed 31 passes, I will let us discuss it for the last hour, in the game The impact will also be proposed, and this is what I hope. “