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The New York Jets now records 1 worse and 7 losses, and they are the most lost teams in this season. In last week’s game, the quadrotic Geno-Smith of the jet was transmitted to the opponent’s ball than the teammate (5 yards in 8 yards, 3 were copied 3 times). Rex Ryan is still a strong, saying that he is very good. Teasing me to play? Which parallel universe can be “very good”?

2 years agoRegular season gradually coming to an end, compared to last season, three teams advancing south of the country scene of the playoffs, the Panthers this season Xianyanghouyi recent losing streak momentum in the doldrums, with playoff tickets lopsided, the beginning of the season, the Falcons will be plagued by injuries, less negative and more wins, only the saints continued the momentum of last season, cause for regret.

“I really can’t worry about this,” he said. “Every competitive player will want to become a person who can help the team, it is undoubtedly. But in the end, we only want to win, no matter what we have to make sure to make win, we will Go do. “

Pirate defense group in the first half only to let the Saints offensive group advancing 104 yards, the Saints must fight back in the second half, the defense team also locked the pirate attack group. Overall Saint quarterback Drew – Brisbane (Drew Brees) 31 24 201 pass code 1 touchdowns red balls 1 1 steals touchdowns, running back Mark – Ingram (Mark Ingram ) 13 1 52 yards rushing touchdowns red balls, wide receiver Michael – Thomas (Michael Thomas) 11 catches 98 yards.

[Event Review] Saints 28-14 win pirate, locked in advance of the first name of the country southSaints defeated Dallas last week, this week, the Saints offensive game is still lackluster first half, only to get three points through free kick, but the second half offensive group finally waking up, 28-14 to reverse the pirates, came to record 11 wins and 2 losses ahead of time locked country South Division first name, is expected in the first round bye.

According to Ian Rapoport, the Patriot believes that Braddy, who has been 39, may continue at least 3 to 5 years, and they will begin to renew negotiations at the next stop period. . Playing 5 years will make Braddy retired at the age of 44. His current contract expires in the 2019 season.

Since the 13th wins and 3 losses in the 2012 season, Mike Smith and his Atlantian Falin Resort were now 6 wins and 18 losses. They are moving closer to 4 wins and 12 losses last year. Smith has been appointed for 7 consecutive years. If he can’t let the team enters the right track, then the position of his coach can’t keep it.

New York Giants did not enter the playoffs for 2 consecutive years, Tom Coflin is the only master coach in NFL, maybe he wants to enter a depressed tour. The giant is ranked in this season, and they want to enter the playoffs, the dreams of the dark tunnel have a bright shining.

In this year, the sixth round of the selection was amazed this season. He calmly calm in the four-point guard website, and all the passes of the passing ball is quite accurate and can continue offense. In the 8 games, he passed 13 times, and there were 2 passes to be copied, and the CDR Leading Union fourth.

Rann accepted hips surgery during this year, but the saints signed him to show that they feel that he is ready to show yourself. However, in the Saint Water Health Location, it already has John Kuhn and has Pitterson, Mark Engram (Mark Ingram) and Alvin Kamara. How many opportunities to Rann can be a unknown.

In the lower competition, Ming Xiu will go to London to face his first four-point guard: Houston Texas. When you are facing Texas in the first time, the Ming Decoration Risk Some Leaders completed reversal.

After the London game, the outside world will put it in the United States Tiger whether to let Falls instead of Ming Dynasty and served as the first quarter. No matter what the American Tiger makes a decision, Ming Xiu knows that he has proven that he can serve in NFL.

America Tiger quarterfielding: I can’t worry about Falls returnJacksonville America quickly faces how to deal with Nick foles, this old quadruple gain will be able to return from the injury reserves in the 11th week.

Rann has played the effectiveness of Viking in the past four years, so when he and Peterson have done the work of Peterson when he is in Viking. He has played 31 games in the past two seasons, including 9 games. In these two seasons, he won 25 yards 2 times in this 2 season, cheap jerseys and he also completed 6 batches to get 95 yards 1 time.

Although this should not surprise anyone, it is still very interesting to see Brundy’s future. Although the changes in age and playing desire may suddenly let the players decide to retire, Braddy has never hiddled that they did not hesitate to extend their career. Braddy has only a season of injury. He missed 4 games this season.

“This is crazy,” said Ming Xiu talked about the experience of the first quadrant. “I know I will get a chance to play at some time. I didn’t expect to be the first quarter of the first game at the time. But I have been trying to do my job. Many people have been trying to play.”